Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby steps and deck steps

After this weekend, I was really praying all the work we had put into potty-training Molly hadn't gone to waste. It would have been next to impossible to continue potty training on the road, in a hotel room and during the funeral so we decided just to use diapers and hope it wouldn't do too much damage.

Luckily, Molly is a rockstar and was more than happy to go back to underwear on Monday. She has yet to tell me she needs to go, but accidents are rare and when they do happen it's my fault for not getting her to the potty in time. They were right when they said you potty train the parents not the child. It's been a slow process but I can see improvement and there's no going back now. Baby steps.

We had a really hard time having to part with everyone after this weekend. When two of my brothers left on Sunday, Molly stood in front of the window looking out and saying, "Come back, guys!" And I agreed with Molly...Come back soon!

I think I'm going to have to put all the baby toys away before the new baby comes this September, 'cuz Molly thinks they're still for her. If she's not sitting in the vibrating rocker, she's trying to climb into the saucer. Oh well, maybe I'll just buy doubles :).

Monday was so warm out it would have been a crime if we'd stayed inside. It was wet and cloudy, but the breeze was comfortable and Molly had been achin' to run. She loves being outside, but she's still a girl and doesn't like it when she falls and gets dirt on her hands.

For most of the time we spent outside, Molly would walk down the deck steps, run to the other side and then walk up those steps. We don't have steps in our house, so she gets her practice on those.

I still haven't unpacked yet from this weekend and the laundry pile is embarrassingly out of control. My desk if hiding under a mountain of papers the need "taken care of" and my purse is heavy from all the cracker crumbs and snack wrappers. I really need to organize and I really need a shower...but its sleepy looking outside and Molly is absolutely cuddley today, so I'm probably just going to make a pot of coffee and Molly bird and I are going to curl up on the couch with a few of our favorite books. There are times for cleaning and there are times for being with and loving on my little (big) girl.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With every new life there is love

I'm not quite sure of the flow or the flavor of this post or where it's going to end up. Usually I have some sort of a game plan, no matter how weak it is, but today it is just as it is. I guess this is because I'm not even sure how I feel, after hearing the news of my Aunts passing. I know I'm sad. I know my family is hurting. I know it opens up my husbands way too fresh wounds from his own father's passing, not even a year ago. I know my mom's heart is broken, but I also know her faith is strong.

After my father-in-law passed, I was so thankful for my daughters presence. And again during these next few days of bearing weepy eyes and holding broken hearts close to ours, I am thankful. Thankful for her every loving innocent breath. She is a reminder of the beauty and love that God has promised us after our time on earth is over.  She has taught me what beauty truly is.  

We had a sunny, warmer than average day in March last Saturday. Marshal was trimming back (well, chopping down) a weed bush, so I brought Molly out to run around. She was so happy to be outside, she kept yelling, "I play outside! I play outside!"

I love how happy she was to be outside, even if it was a bit cold and the grass was mostly mud. When I imagine her running through the yard with a sibling, my heart seriously is about to overload.

This picture makes me laugh so hard.

Now, imagine her with her bag of goldfish slowly bobbing her head back and forth to the music. I love those sunglasses on her. I love how she loves her sunglasses. It hasn't been very sunny out, but everytime before we go anywhere we have to bring the sunglasses and her red purse. When I look through the rearview mirror, I can imagine another little carseat tucked next to hers. TWO car seats! TWO babies!

~Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Molly is actually NAPPING in her crib and I'm sitting on the couch with a jar of peanut butter, so I figured I could get a little bloggerin' in.

As a parent there are times when I feel completely overwhelmed, when I feel like nothing I am doing is right. Those are the glass is half-empty kind of days. Days when there aren't enough groceries in the kitchen to even make breakfast let alone pack a lunch for my husband. Days when the laundry pile is bigger than my will power. Days when I feel like this pregnancy is wearing the couch down much quicker than it should be wearing down.

But....then there are these small moments during those kind of days that make you scream "BOOYA" and you know you're okay, that you're doing good.


I was having a frustrating vomit filled day and trying to get dinner made and consumed before midnight. We eventually took our seats at the dinner table and just as I was going to spoon a heaping mouthful of something into my mouth, Molly's little voice perks up and says"Pray?" 

She is my constant and adorable little reminder of what really matters. I am so grateful. She makes everything I do have meaning.


(by the way ****** means I'mma be jumpin ship onto a new story because I have a hard time sorting my thoughts and am incapable of making a blog that flows)

When Molly was an infant, just like everything else, I obsessed over what she ate. The older she got, the more complicated this process became. I worried about whether or not she was getting enough of this or enough of that. I worried about what she would eat when she got older. I worried about whether the spoon was sterile enough for her mouth. For a very long time, I boiled her water before putting it in a bottle. And I'm not at all sorry.

I'm not at all sorry, because look at what she ate today for lunch. And look at how excited she was to eat it. I'm so glad every time someone wanted to give her a sweet or the convenience of fast food was over powering that I didn't give in. I new I didn't want her to have my eating habits. Now, I'm learning to eat like her. And every time I pull a tomato out and she squeals with joy, my heart yells "BOOYA!"


Molly's bath time is now in the mornings, because I'm too tired at night....and when you're nauseous sticking your feet in hot water feels great. I'm sure once warmer weather returns and we spend more time in the dirt outside than we do inside we'll be switching back, but for now I welcome the comfort. And when I'm sick, the smell of baby lotion is a great reminder for the meaning of all this.

I'm not a big fan of making bathtub pictures public, but I had to show off how long her hair is getting. I actually need to put more than a speck of shampoo on her head to lather it up and it takes a bit longer to dry now than when it was like duck feathers as an infant.

And it's great for making hair sculptors.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Think Spring

Although it's only 27 degrees outside and we still have awhile before the weather gets toasty, I can't help but feel that twinge of excitement that the changing of the season does to me. My tropical lovin' soul is craving summer, craving the outside. Lately I've been watching a lot of House Hunters International, which has been great for my winter blues (sarcasm). Watching people buy adorable little houses with spectacular ocean views makes me say, "why not? lets go." But, for now, all I can do is sip my lemonade and I dream about warmer days.

Yesterday, I had to pay a few bills and balance the check books so I had all my crap spread out across the kitchen table (regardless if I have a desk and an office, I'll still use the kitchen table...i promise). Watching what I was doing, Molly bird grabbed a calculator, pen, her Mickey and Minnie mouse key chains and a toy thing that I thought slightly resembled a laptop and sat directly across from me at the table. My heart melted.

I love her growing mind.

As we build more house-tents and watch more nick jr (i know gilmore girls is on the tv in the pic, but most of the time it's nick jr or pbs sprout haha), I start to wonder, again, how warm does it have to be before we can start having breakfast on the deck again.

Last night we made our first ice cream run of the season. Jim's Dairy Bar isn't open yet, so we Dairy Queened it up. Dairy Queen is always open :). After glancing at the giant menu through the car window, my eyes fell upon a pregnant ladies love and it was called Chocolate Brownie Earthquake Sundae or something like that...All I know is it had vanilla ice cream, two huge brownies, chocolate syrup, marshmellow cream, oreos AND whip cream. A good half of it is still sitting in the freezer and no I'm not going to eat it for breakfast.....even though I want to.