Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby steps and deck steps

After this weekend, I was really praying all the work we had put into potty-training Molly hadn't gone to waste. It would have been next to impossible to continue potty training on the road, in a hotel room and during the funeral so we decided just to use diapers and hope it wouldn't do too much damage.

Luckily, Molly is a rockstar and was more than happy to go back to underwear on Monday. She has yet to tell me she needs to go, but accidents are rare and when they do happen it's my fault for not getting her to the potty in time. They were right when they said you potty train the parents not the child. It's been a slow process but I can see improvement and there's no going back now. Baby steps.

We had a really hard time having to part with everyone after this weekend. When two of my brothers left on Sunday, Molly stood in front of the window looking out and saying, "Come back, guys!" And I agreed with Molly...Come back soon!

I think I'm going to have to put all the baby toys away before the new baby comes this September, 'cuz Molly thinks they're still for her. If she's not sitting in the vibrating rocker, she's trying to climb into the saucer. Oh well, maybe I'll just buy doubles :).

Monday was so warm out it would have been a crime if we'd stayed inside. It was wet and cloudy, but the breeze was comfortable and Molly had been achin' to run. She loves being outside, but she's still a girl and doesn't like it when she falls and gets dirt on her hands.

For most of the time we spent outside, Molly would walk down the deck steps, run to the other side and then walk up those steps. We don't have steps in our house, so she gets her practice on those.

I still haven't unpacked yet from this weekend and the laundry pile is embarrassingly out of control. My desk if hiding under a mountain of papers the need "taken care of" and my purse is heavy from all the cracker crumbs and snack wrappers. I really need to organize and I really need a shower...but its sleepy looking outside and Molly is absolutely cuddley today, so I'm probably just going to make a pot of coffee and Molly bird and I are going to curl up on the couch with a few of our favorite books. There are times for cleaning and there are times for being with and loving on my little (big) girl.


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  1. I am jealous you have her potty trained! That is something we will attempt this summer:) I hope your pregnancy is going well!