Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Molly is actually NAPPING in her crib and I'm sitting on the couch with a jar of peanut butter, so I figured I could get a little bloggerin' in.

As a parent there are times when I feel completely overwhelmed, when I feel like nothing I am doing is right. Those are the glass is half-empty kind of days. Days when there aren't enough groceries in the kitchen to even make breakfast let alone pack a lunch for my husband. Days when the laundry pile is bigger than my will power. Days when I feel like this pregnancy is wearing the couch down much quicker than it should be wearing down.

But....then there are these small moments during those kind of days that make you scream "BOOYA" and you know you're okay, that you're doing good.


I was having a frustrating vomit filled day and trying to get dinner made and consumed before midnight. We eventually took our seats at the dinner table and just as I was going to spoon a heaping mouthful of something into my mouth, Molly's little voice perks up and says"Pray?" 

She is my constant and adorable little reminder of what really matters. I am so grateful. She makes everything I do have meaning.


(by the way ****** means I'mma be jumpin ship onto a new story because I have a hard time sorting my thoughts and am incapable of making a blog that flows)

When Molly was an infant, just like everything else, I obsessed over what she ate. The older she got, the more complicated this process became. I worried about whether or not she was getting enough of this or enough of that. I worried about what she would eat when she got older. I worried about whether the spoon was sterile enough for her mouth. For a very long time, I boiled her water before putting it in a bottle. And I'm not at all sorry.

I'm not at all sorry, because look at what she ate today for lunch. And look at how excited she was to eat it. I'm so glad every time someone wanted to give her a sweet or the convenience of fast food was over powering that I didn't give in. I new I didn't want her to have my eating habits. Now, I'm learning to eat like her. And every time I pull a tomato out and she squeals with joy, my heart yells "BOOYA!"


Molly's bath time is now in the mornings, because I'm too tired at night....and when you're nauseous sticking your feet in hot water feels great. I'm sure once warmer weather returns and we spend more time in the dirt outside than we do inside we'll be switching back, but for now I welcome the comfort. And when I'm sick, the smell of baby lotion is a great reminder for the meaning of all this.

I'm not a big fan of making bathtub pictures public, but I had to show off how long her hair is getting. I actually need to put more than a speck of shampoo on her head to lather it up and it takes a bit longer to dry now than when it was like duck feathers as an infant.

And it's great for making hair sculptors.


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