Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With every new life there is love

I'm not quite sure of the flow or the flavor of this post or where it's going to end up. Usually I have some sort of a game plan, no matter how weak it is, but today it is just as it is. I guess this is because I'm not even sure how I feel, after hearing the news of my Aunts passing. I know I'm sad. I know my family is hurting. I know it opens up my husbands way too fresh wounds from his own father's passing, not even a year ago. I know my mom's heart is broken, but I also know her faith is strong.

After my father-in-law passed, I was so thankful for my daughters presence. And again during these next few days of bearing weepy eyes and holding broken hearts close to ours, I am thankful. Thankful for her every loving innocent breath. She is a reminder of the beauty and love that God has promised us after our time on earth is over.  She has taught me what beauty truly is.  

We had a sunny, warmer than average day in March last Saturday. Marshal was trimming back (well, chopping down) a weed bush, so I brought Molly out to run around. She was so happy to be outside, she kept yelling, "I play outside! I play outside!"

I love how happy she was to be outside, even if it was a bit cold and the grass was mostly mud. When I imagine her running through the yard with a sibling, my heart seriously is about to overload.

This picture makes me laugh so hard.

Now, imagine her with her bag of goldfish slowly bobbing her head back and forth to the music. I love those sunglasses on her. I love how she loves her sunglasses. It hasn't been very sunny out, but everytime before we go anywhere we have to bring the sunglasses and her red purse. When I look through the rearview mirror, I can imagine another little carseat tucked next to hers. TWO car seats! TWO babies!

~Happy Wednesday


  1. My dear Margaret. you are a talented and wonderful young woman. this is a precious blog and your thoughts are beautiful. and your Molly is all that and more. I LOVE the sunglass picture! plus, I sure like the music of Ingrid Michelson!

  2. Margaret, loved reading your thoughts. Gabriel has also provided my much comfort and laughter in the last few days. Its so hard to be away from family at this time:(
    Hope to get to see you all sometime soon! Molly is getting so big! It just keeps getting more fun doesn't it??