Thursday, March 3, 2011

Think Spring

Although it's only 27 degrees outside and we still have awhile before the weather gets toasty, I can't help but feel that twinge of excitement that the changing of the season does to me. My tropical lovin' soul is craving summer, craving the outside. Lately I've been watching a lot of House Hunters International, which has been great for my winter blues (sarcasm). Watching people buy adorable little houses with spectacular ocean views makes me say, "why not? lets go." But, for now, all I can do is sip my lemonade and I dream about warmer days.

Yesterday, I had to pay a few bills and balance the check books so I had all my crap spread out across the kitchen table (regardless if I have a desk and an office, I'll still use the kitchen table...i promise). Watching what I was doing, Molly bird grabbed a calculator, pen, her Mickey and Minnie mouse key chains and a toy thing that I thought slightly resembled a laptop and sat directly across from me at the table. My heart melted.

I love her growing mind.

As we build more house-tents and watch more nick jr (i know gilmore girls is on the tv in the pic, but most of the time it's nick jr or pbs sprout haha), I start to wonder, again, how warm does it have to be before we can start having breakfast on the deck again.

Last night we made our first ice cream run of the season. Jim's Dairy Bar isn't open yet, so we Dairy Queened it up. Dairy Queen is always open :). After glancing at the giant menu through the car window, my eyes fell upon a pregnant ladies love and it was called Chocolate Brownie Earthquake Sundae or something like that...All I know is it had vanilla ice cream, two huge brownies, chocolate syrup, marshmellow cream, oreos AND whip cream. A good half of it is still sitting in the freezer and no I'm not going to eat it for breakfast.....even though I want to.


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