Friday, April 8, 2011


Lately....when Molly goes to bed she "needs" several things in her crib before she will consider going to bed. First of all she needs a mommy pillow, which is a regular size pillow, and then she needs her frog pillow, which is a pillow with Kermit the frog prints on it Marshal's mom made for her. Then there is the white blanky, pink blanky and finally other pink blanky...she needs all three. Next she'll pick a few random stuffed animals that she sees on her bedroom floor to sleep with, but ALWAYS she needs her "Mama Bear." She will not sleep without her Mama Bear.

The other day Molly requested to have lunch with her Mama Bear. She tried feeding her applesauce, which really ended being dripped all the way down the bears stomach. After making the mess, Molly looked at me like "it's not my fault the bear didn't eat it."

Lately....she has become quite the stinker.

Yesterday Molly was making a sound like "SSSSSSS" and I was like what are you doing? And to my surprise she says, "Making S sound!" She surprises me with something new everyday.

Molly loves the pool. She REALLY loves to swim. The other day I noticed her sliding the baby toy to the couch, she pulled herself up and then stuck her feet in the toy. I asked her if she's pretending to be at the pool and she replied that she was putting her toes in the water with grandpa (in her own words). She remembered the time when we were at a hotel and my dad took her down to the pool and let her put her feet in!

Lately....we've  been preparing for spring by doing a little shopping. I found a pair of "jammies" that I just couldn't resist. Honestly, I'd buy a pair of pajama's every time we went out if it weren't for Marshal's level head. Baby jammies make me weak. When I asked Molly if I could take a picture of her in her new jammies she ran to the corner of the chair and pouted. She's really not into posing for pictures yet.

Earlier this week, Marshal worked some really crappy hours that started at midnight and ended at 8 am. I was pretty nervous, but luckily God spared us and it only last three nights.

I was wearing myself out trying to find quiet things for Molly to do, when she just decided to sit in her crib (with every stuffed animal) and quietly read books. Her idea.

I relieved a lot of stress by organizing her closet while she looked at books quietly. These moments feel like gifts from God. When I'm close to my breaking point because the stress of life has completely over taken my ability reason, Molly does something ridiculously out of character and I am given a moment to take a deep breath and refuel.

Lately....Molly is head over heals for slides. She will turn anything into a slide and either send herself or a toy down it. If you're reclining on the couch, the curve of your body will turn into a slide. And parenting rule number one: If you do something once, be prepared to do it a million times. So, if it requires strength and endurance, like sliding Molly down your legs in an awkward position, don't. give. in.

To satisfy Molly's craving for slides, we took her to a park the first sunny day we were given. And it was worth it.

She ran like a mad lady with her arms outstretched to balance the speed her little body wasn't able to manage. She was happy.

She was thrilled.

And I was proud.

And in these refueling moments when my heart is too full to control, I take pictures...lots of I can keep the heart pounding joy on tap ready to refill my empty cup.

We'll be going back soon...
Happy Friday

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  1. Margaret, your posts make me so happy!!! Love you! Hope your new little one is treating you well so far. :)