Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning Breakfast.

Today, while our eyes were still sleepy, we made an early morning trip to the Brick House for a little Saturday morning family breakfast. Having a Saturday morning when Marshal is actually home and not working or doing side work is very rare and there isn't a better way to celebrate the time together than doughnuts and coffee. And being able to get to the Cafe by stroller makes it even better.

I love our Brick House...

I feel that the cool-ness of the place is better represented when displayed in sepia tone.

I'm sure you can get a house decaf. at the McDonald's down the road for cheaper, but I bet you can't sip your coffee and let your baby roam the floor while your husband reads the paper the same way you can here. And if you're still not convinced, I promise, this place smells way better.

Oh, and your monkey is always welcome for breakfast at the Brick House Cafe.

No matter where we end up living, I hope there is always a Brick House. Somewhere our kids will recognize as home outside of the house they grow up in. Somewhere that makes them feel welcomed and loved. I don't know if it's because I never had this growing up or if I've just watched to many episodes of Gilmore Girls, but it's important to me.

Whether she looks like it or not, Molly was excited to get her doughnut....

You can, however, always tell when Marshal is happy :).

Also, if you come and visit me I promise I will take you here.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oatmeal cookies and morning walks

Yesterday was cool and rainy. A perfect day for baking oatmeal cookies. A perfect day for not cleaning and organizing or painting and remodeling. A perfect day for being with my baby girl.

She loves to help in the kitchen. I love that she loves to help, but her "helping" requires a lot of patience from me and a lot of the time when I'm in the kitchen, my patience is gone. So I try when I'm baking for no reason (like oatmeal raisin cookies on a rainy day), instead of hectically throwing dinner together after an exhausting day, to let her help as much as possible. She is always so proud to say after we've finished that she helped.

Yesterday evening turned into the perfect evening to sit on the deck and eat cookies. I love our deck. We've been here for two years now and we still don't have any furniture picked out yet, but it has a really awesome step that makes for a really great seat.

She barely ate any of the cookie, but she kept it in her hand for the longest time. Every time she'd trip or stumble in the grass, she'd make sure not to drop the cookie even if that meant falling.

She's a nut.

I have been promising Molly a trip to the park for awhile now and today I decided to take advantage of the cool temperature and take a stroller ride to the park.

Before leaving, Molly decided she NEEDED to bring two books. She didn't open either book once, but she was really happy to have them. She also has recently started telling me where to turn on our walks and which roads to go down. I love that she has opinions. Every walk is an adventure, every road is new and each and every barking dog is a new friend for Molly.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was inspired by my cousin, Joanna, to try to braid Molly birds hair this morning. The first side was easy. Then she got tired of sitting, so I had to do a little bribing to get the other side done. Fruit snacks are her scooby snacks. And no, they're not organic, unfortunately.

Her fingers are ALWAYS in her hair, so I'm really surprised the braids are still in. I really didn't even think she had enough hair to hold braids. I wonder, later on in life, if she'll have thick dark hair like her father's or if it'll stay thin and blonde like mine. As an infant it was so dark, I thought for sure she'd have hair like Marshal's, but I don't know now. I wonder what number two's is going to be like....brown, red, blonde, bald??

It feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital and I was fussing over which side I wanted to part her tiny strands of dark, infant hair. Now, I can french braid her ever growing blonde hair. Thank-you God, for giving me this beautiful little girl.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Ice Cream

Last night we made an ice cream run. The sun was shining, its hot out, it just wouldn't have been right if we ignored the calling of a medium vanilla cone (with sprinkles on top). And the more pregnant I get the more I crave/desire/long for an after dinner dessert.

Molly had her very first ice cream cone ever. Even though I ate most of it, she did a really good job handling it and everything. I thought, for sure, we were asking for a huge mess. But, as usual, she surprised the heck outa us. Keeping the cone in the air conditioned car instead of the heat outside, i'm sure, also helped prevent a big sticky mess.

Now, I'm not saying Jim's Dairy Bar is anything compared to the awesomeness of the great Tasty up north, but Jim can produce a pretty sweet vanilla cone. The only mistake I made, was letting Molly sit in the backseat, out of her carseat. She did not want to go back in when it was time to go.

Enough about ice cream...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June is HERE

First pool day of the year was Monday. We sure kicked the season off with a bang. On Monday, we decided to check out a local public swimming pool, just to see if it was manageable and somewhere I could take Molly this summer, instead of driving all the way back home for a pool day. But, it was crazy. No...insane. Absolutely nuts. The joint was so busy you couldn't move even if you were brave enough to venture into the deep end. The baby pool was full of parents sitting next to a toddler not really paying attention to the child but more so on their tan. And the shallow end was ruined by rowdy preteen boys not caring if they smack right into or splash your baby. It was ridiculous. I couldn't even get a picture in.

After pool hair and snack.

And it's not like I'm not use to public pools. I'm use to crowded waters on nice hot days, but this was different. Different in the way that the people were different.

Anyways, I think Molly still had fun and we all got a little sun. I was wore out, but glad we tried. Today, we were a lot less adventurous and kept to the little blue pool in our backyard.

I think we spoiled her by going to the big pool, because today she got bored of her tiny pool pretty quickly. No super fun fountains shooting out of this pool. And no super fun strangers knocking her down left and right.

I'm really glad I went for the 1.99 chair at the store the other day, because it entertained her more than anything. And she looked super cute chillin' in it. Last year she kept kicking me out of my folding chair to try to dip her baby toesies into the water, so I wanted to secure my position by buying her own chair for the poolside.


My view looking down. The bigger my belly gets, the less I see of my feet. By the end of June I'm sure I won't even be able to see my feet.