Tuesday, July 12, 2011

While we were out...

My computer crashed and I haven't been able to load any of my microsoft programs back on it yet, which has left me very blogged-out. If I can't do something the way I usually do it, I tend to just not do it at all. With the whole computer crashing, almost losing everything (again) and the ridiculous stress that insued, I've really been considering going back to old fashion pen and paper. Start mailing bills instead of paying them online, keeping track of finances without using online banking, buying things in stores, printing out pictures and storing them in photo albums, writing in a journal. I guess because I don't have the time or money to keep up with technology and if my computer dies it's gone and there's no buying a new one right away, I just don't want to be so dependant on it. Maybe it's the hormones, but the whole thing has really thrown me off. So, that's my excuse for my absence.

A few weekends ago, I felt a few really strong contractions. So, my life right now is about relieving added stress and getting things ready. When I accomplish a goal and get something done that has been in need of finishing, I feel great. After all, I only have SIX WEEKS left. So painting a bedroom, buying baby supplies, going to extra weekday mass, pulling weeds and baking muffins doesn't stress me out. Activity helps relieve my stress. If I had to go on bed rest and just lay there thinking about everything that needed to get done all day long, I'd go crazy. Every morning I make a list and if each line has a check through it before I go to bed, I feel incredable.

We've also been hittin' up the pool very frequently, because nothing feels better to a pregnant lady than floating in water. And Molly really digs the water. Homegirl slides down the frog slide, floats in the deep end without me holding on to her with her arm floaties, and she even went under on purpose last time we were there. I love being able to give her more freedom in the water this year, which totally rocks her world. I'm not saying I'm never further than arms distance away, but I don't have to hold on to her this year.

She's also rediscovered coloring and this time around her concentration level is a lot higher. She stays with it a lot longer. On my list of things to get done before baby number two pops out is to have the desk fully stocked of new crayons and coloring books, water colors, play dough, new books and other activities to keep her busy. I know the transition is going to be crazy for her and I really can't think about it too much or else I'll end up buying her every toy in the store. Hormones, I'm sure.

I know giving my little birdy a sibling is the best gift I could ever give her, but I still worry. I never want her to be sad or feel like she's not getting enough attention from me, especially in the first few weeks. I'm lucky the big marsh is taking the entire first week off. I know i'm going to need him.

So for now, we're soaking up our last few weeks with our "only" child.


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