Sunday, August 7, 2011

While they sleep.

It's early, but every inch of my body is sore from trying to sleep with the extra human growing in me, so I decide to ditch the idea of sleeping in and enjoy a few moments of the quiet Sunday morning before the world (my world) wakes up. As I pour myself a glass of ice tea and take a seat at the kitchen table, my eyes scan our little living space. I try to imagine how different this little part of my world would be without my child. Without much deliberation, I can confidently conclude that there wouldn't be this tiny space without her, without my child. She is, after all, the reason for all this. Then I think about how different our livingroom is going to be once again when this new life entires our world. The pacifiers, blankets, burp clothes, diapers, and bouncers will once again scatter every few open spaces we have that haven't already been crowded by dolls, play food and crayons. And thats just the livingroom.

This past year has been monumental. Through marriage, I've gained a new sister and brother and now in less than three weeks we will be welcoming our SECOND chubby, squishy, cuddle bug into our lives. I look forward to the day when I sit here and pour through pictures of the new baby, deciding which ones to share and show off. It is a little overwhelming when I think about in 18 days our lives will change forever, but then again, it all feels so completely normal. This is after all where I'm suppose to be...squeezed right between loving the child God has given me so much I'd die for her and preparing my heart for the moment when it doubles.

I have no new pictures to display from our week, mostly because I'm either cleaning (preparing) or writting a list for more cleaning (preparing) and also because I don't want to upload my pictures from my memory card until I get an external hard drive to safely save all our memories on...just incase this bad boy decides to take a nose dive again. But here are a few from the past nine months....

Happy Sunday!

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