Thursday, September 29, 2011

There's a new Catholic in the house...

...and he goes by the name of John.

Last Sunday, John William was baptized.

And he did a great job of sleeping through the whole thing.

I really wanted to talk about how unprepared I was for this day, how the house was a mess, how I hadn't made a baptism cake, and how I didn't even have a baptismal gown....

.....and I wanted to explain how the house, clothes and cake meant very little the moment he was in my arms as the water trickled over his tiny forehead... I realized how important these two lovely Godparents will be to him....

.....and how big she's gotten.

But, right now the kitchen is still a mess from dinner and Molly's changing her baby doll's diaper for the hundredth millionth time and is a little too quiet..... my story has to be short...or more like over.

Also, there's a storm brewin' and a cup of hot cider calling my name.

Peace out, lovers.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's still rock and roll to me.

Even though my soul is aching to sort, scour and scrub with the new season just around the corner, right now outside picnics on the lawn are just much more important.

And not just important in the sense that fresh air is now finally refreshing, but that if we don't spend some time away from our living room, Molly's going to go crazy.

New favorite snack: vanilla wafers and chocolate icing. I make them for Molly, but I eat half of them. They are irresistible and go great with picnic blankets.

Our little bear cub also goes great with picnic blankets....he just doesn't stay awake for very long.

Being outside when the weather is as nice as it has been lately is really easy. I've never met a person who didn't get excited for fall. Leaves are changing and starting to sprinkle the lawn. Flocks of birds fly over head, migrating south for the winter. The slight chill in the breeze is a fair warning that change is coming. And this excites people.

Just thinking about Autumn and everything it brings makes me crave a pumpkin spice latte. A latte and an awesome smelling candle. I have been waiting for you all summer.

So the big Marsh's recent outdoor activities include cutting stuff down.

And we have a lot of stuff that needs cutting down.

Molly on the other hand isn't enjoying it so much.

But she also does this when I run the vacuum.

Nap time is calling...
Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

For you.

Where have the past two weeks gone?

I think most of my time is spent gazing at my sleepy little bear cub.

He can't resist the charms of the rocking chair. It almost never fails. As soon as he's set in the rocker, the calming vibrations take over and within minutes he's out. The only problem is convincing Molly to let John lay in the chair. It was hers and of course she's having problems with the whole sharing thing. So I've been telling her that if she lets Johnny lay in it, we'll look for a new pink rocking chair the next time we go shopping. Of course, I didn't really intend on buying another rocking chair. Unfortunately for me, last night while Molly and I were at Wal-mart looking through the baby section, we stumbled upon the exact rocker....and the pink version. I didn't know a pink version existed. But now that I think of it, I should have just bought it for her.

These past two weeks, Molly's learned a lot about being quiet. And just because she knows what being quiet is, doesn't me she chooses to do so. The past few days, she's really been acting out. She fights bedtime, she doesn't want to do anything on her own and she's been having accidents. It's like we're potty all over again.

So the other night, just Molly and I took a trip to CVS. I needed a few things and wanted to spend some time with just my little birdy. I don't think I ever saw Molly as excited as she was the moment she saw the towers of nail polish and make-up. I don't know if it's nature or nurture, but girl likes her nail polish about as much as her momma does.

While we were out, I noticed how much she's actually grown up these past few weeks. I didn't carry her from the car to the store. She holds my hand while we browse. She says things like "Oh my, mommy! Look at that," when we look at headbands and anything sparkly. She tells me she has to go potty and then once seeing the bathroom decides she can wait until we get home. She asks what I'm looking for and then when it's time to leave, she climbs into her car seat, by herself.

Right now, she may be having a hard time adjusting to her new little bear cub, but I know it's just a stage. Because when we were out, just the two of us, she couldn't have acted any older or behaved any better. I look forward to our next date together, just the two of us.

But in the mean time...

...she's just going to have to deal with this new little boy draped over my shoulder or tucked in my arm.

Happy Thursday, friends!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Baby Story

Welcome to this world baby Johnny. I've waited so long. I've waited my whole life. And here you are. You can never imagine what your children will look like, but then you see them for the first time and you know they look exactly like you had imagined.

His little fingers and toes, everything about him is familiar. Familiar in that I have loved him for forever.  Just moments before his birth, I couldn't imagine what life would be like but once I see him I can't imagine life without him.

The best part, I get to see your daddy fall in love again. He didn't even stand a chance. When he wrapped you in his arms for the first time, he could barely contain his pride. Little did he know what was in store. What God had in store for his life. He is here to be your dad and you, his son. He was made for us.

I could barely sleep the first night we were together, because I couldn't wait to get you home to your sister. I couldn't sleep until we were all together again. Together finally. As excited as I was to meet this new little soul and to get to know every tiny wrinkle on his body, my heart ached for my first born. I couldn't wait to tell her baby Johnny was here and I was able to be her mommy again instead of the grumpy, pregnant mommy I had been the last few weeks.

Our first night together.

I begged the nurses to discharge us early so I didn't have to stay another night away. I wanted to nurse in my bed at home. I wanted to change Johnny's diaper on the changing table with the green, soft pad at home. I wanted to eat real food. I wanted us together and I admit, I missed my Molly bird.

John William and his Godmother, Aunt Marlene

We arrived at the hospital at 10:30ish Monday night and after a few labor contractions, a watering breaking experience, one epidural and a few giant pushes later our baby was in our arms by 10:28am Tuesday morning. He surprised the nurses by how solid he was, but to me when I held him for the first time he felt just right, all 9 pounds and 14.5 ounces of him. Because he is just so gosh darn healthy, the pediatrician discharged us a day early and by Wednesday evening we were all tucked soundly in our own beds in our own house. Together.

It had been quite the experience and we're all still adjusting one week later. Adjusting to the lack of sleep. Adjusting to nursing, again. Adjusting to the little brother taking up most of big sister's time with mommy.

She really does love him. Early today when Johnny was crying, Molly asked if she could hold him. It was so sweet, I started crying. Whether it's the lack of sleep or the baby blues, it doesn't take very much for me to be in tears lately. I can barely hum a bar of Rock-a-bye baby to Molly without crying.

Every time I change his diaper, she wants to help get the diaper and new onesie, if need be. And she handled it really well when he peed on her while getting his diaper changed a few days ago. The biggest difference between Molly as a baby and Johnny is that while changing his diaper I find myself chanting, "please don't pee on me.....please don't pee on me....please don't pee on me."

I love staring at his face and trying to figure out where all his features came from. Who's noes he has. Where his dimples came from. If his hair will stay dark or will it lighten like Molly's did.

I already have millions of pictures like this. Sleeping. Another big difference from sister. He sleeps.


When Molly saw this picture, she climbed up in my lap and wanted me to hold her the same way. And every time I kiss Johnny, she wants a kiss too.

More to come later.