Thursday, September 29, 2011

There's a new Catholic in the house...

...and he goes by the name of John.

Last Sunday, John William was baptized.

And he did a great job of sleeping through the whole thing.

I really wanted to talk about how unprepared I was for this day, how the house was a mess, how I hadn't made a baptism cake, and how I didn't even have a baptismal gown....

.....and I wanted to explain how the house, clothes and cake meant very little the moment he was in my arms as the water trickled over his tiny forehead... I realized how important these two lovely Godparents will be to him....

.....and how big she's gotten.

But, right now the kitchen is still a mess from dinner and Molly's changing her baby doll's diaper for the hundredth millionth time and is a little too quiet..... my story has to be short...or more like over.

Also, there's a storm brewin' and a cup of hot cider calling my name.

Peace out, lovers.


1 comment:

  1. yay! catholic, baby! haha.

    i always think of the million things i need to get done...and then i don't do them...oh well. lol.