Sunday, October 2, 2011


I always buy too many bananas. I buy a bunch, always the biggest bunch, every time I get groceries....even if the bunch from last week is still sitting there. Marshal looks at me and says, " more?" and I shrug and say, "banana bread?"

Yes, when life gives you too many bananas, make banana bread.

....and if life gives you too many bananas but you forgot to buy butter to make banana bread, well then you better start eating some bananas.

I'm not always this philosophical, but every once in awhile I get some pretty cool ideas. Pretty cool ideas like getting up before everyone else just to watch the sun slowly fill our little kitchen while sipping something hot, alone. Pretty cool ideas like not laying Johnny down after a 3am feeding immediately, but rocking him for awhile instead, just to hold a sleeping baby cuz' momma knows this isn't going to last forever. I like my ideas. I like my life.

So look who's holding his head up.

And when he hear's my voice, he cranes his baby neck using every muscle to find me. Then I melt...because he loves me.

Last night when I was kissing Molly goodnight, I noticed her baby cheeks are changing. Her face is thinning out and those smooshy dough-boy cheeks are turning into a "I'm a big sister, now" cheeks and "I can do it by myself" cheeks. Why do babies have to change?

Oh, I know...because watching them grow up is so much fun.


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