Friday, October 7, 2011

Say what?

Molly was coloring when she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and admitted that she was in fact "frustrated." She slipped off the kitchen chair that her little tush had been resting on and sulked to the living room. From the living room she says, "Mommy, you know why I'm sitting here?" She was sitting on her push car. I responded, "no, Molly, why are you sitting there?" And she says, "because I'm frustrated."

I love these little conversations. She says the funniest things. She says things like "I'm too big," when she really means too little or if she doesn't want to do what I just asked her to do. Everything happened "last morning." "Remember I napped last morning?" She says thing like "I'm sad," when she's trying to guilt me into letting her sleep in our bed. And every day when Marshal gets home from work she looks out the window, watching him get out of his truck, and she asks, "what does he got?" We're working on the "have."

Occasionally she'll call her daddy, "Marshal," and when Marshal and I are talking to each other she'll yell, "Talk-a-me," when she wants in on the conversation.

When she counts she usually forget a number or two..."one, two, three, five..." and she likes to sing REALLY loud when we're at the grocery store. People, most people, think it's cute. And on occasion, she'll tell me she has to go make a phone call and I need to be quite. Then I'll hear her say, "Hi grandpa," then she'll pause, after a moment she'll pretend to laugh and say, "thanks so funny, good-bye." My sister, Marcella, gets a few pretend phone calls every once in awhile, too.

If Johnny is crying, she will go over to him, gently pat his head and say, "hey, buddy." She calls him her baby and is proud to tell anyone and everyone that she is a big sister.

My personal favorite is when she makes up words. One time I was in the bathroom next to her bedroom and I heard her introduce two of her toys to each other saying, "Hi Flooty, I'm Flocky."

Side note: have you ever walked into a room, forgetting the t.v. was on??? I just did. Almost pulled a knife on our flat screen. No, I don't own a knife, but I jumped really high.

Earlier today, I was cleaning up the play food and putting it in Molly's little kitchen. Molly saw that her water cup was in her play fridge...she likes to keep it there...but upon finding her cup she says, "Oh hello, cup!"

I wish I could remember ever little hilarious thing she says. Like one time Marshal told me they saw an airplane and he asked Molly where it was going and she says, "the mommy plane has to go home to the baby plane." 

She also has a great memory. Just when you think she has forgotten "ball pee," she goes and brings it up again during a recent time in the bath tub. ahem...thanks, Uncle T. 

Sometimes she picks up on things that I don't even realize she's picking up on. The good and the bad. After watching her daddy and me genuflect in church, she started to. She also has picked up on a certain word that a certain mom needs to stop saying. At the grocery store, I fumbled my check card twice dropping it and each time reaching down for it, I said crap. She yelled crap the entire way out the store and to the car. Embarrassing? nooo. 

And really none of this is all that entertaining if it were to come out of the mouth of just anybody, but since it's coming from a two-year-old, it's pretty darn funny. dig?

I took this picture of Johnny sprawled out on the couch so I can make myself cry in 16 years when his feet are hanging off the couch.

So since Halloween is coming, I've been talking to Molly here and there about trick-or-treating. Now, every morning she asks if we're going to trick-or-treating. Yesterday she asked and I said, no but soon. And then Molly says, "we're going to go trick-or-treating soon, Mommy? We're going to get candy. You get candy too, Mommy. I don't like candy." hahaha

This morning she asked me for chai tea and then says, "and I don't want to ask again." HA! and then just a few minutes later I asked her to clean up her play-doh. Of course, as expected, she says no. I say, "You will to," and she says, "no I won't to." These conversations could go on forever. I love it when she's doing something, like playing with play-doh and asks, "Can I build a tower." Sure.

He sleeps just like his sister, all cockeyed and twisted. Almost time to start sleeping in the crib :(.

So, I guess Molly now doesn't like to touch bananas because this is how she chooses to eat them. She lifts the plate to her mouth and takes a bite. Very lady like, I know.

But now it's Friday and my house is a mess, so I must do something productive...or at least think about doing something productive.

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