Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Morning, Love

I had a rare moment this morning to spend some alone time with Johnny baby. Molly was up a lot last night and I guess she decided to catch up on her sleep by not getting up until 9ish. I probably should have gotten her up early, but this girl is so anti-sleep that ever waking her up purposefully seems foolish. Also, I welcomed the chance to snuggle with my bear cub for a few extra minutes this morning.

I cherish our individual time just as much as our togetherness. You need one as much as you need the other.

But, at the moment, Molly is dancing a stuffed bear over the keyboard and John is done with being in the highchair......

So I'll finish with some pictures.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Doin' stuff

I need to get better at doing stuff while my kids sleep. Like instead of crawling into bed next to Molly while she and her brother sleep, I need to do productive things. Things like dishes or the mound of laundry or compose a decent blog. But because I am weak and need love to sleep, I have to quickly just post a few pictures from the last few weeks and will promise to be better at not sleeping during all my free time.

Last week John and Molly each took a day to have a low fever. John stayed close to me, mostly sleeping, while he was sick. Molly, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be fazed be insignificant things like fevers and illnesses. She just keeps on truckin.

She only has a few more months of the whole two-year-old thang. And this whole my-child-will-be-three thing is blowing my mind.

Winter is rough with not being able to go outside, visit parks and pools and the lack of sunny days can really affect our moods, but this year has been particularly hard. The only good part of winter is the snow. WHERE'S ALL THE SNOW!

My camera couldn't even touch the beauty of this magnificent sunrise a few weeks ago. A beautiful sunrise is all I need every once in awhile. I don't care how cold it is outside if the sky looks like that I'll be out there bath robe and all.

Caught Molly playing with her brother the other day. I was doing dishes and looked over to find her very nicely handing him toys and singing him songs. See...I knew she'd like him eventually.

Also, that patch of exposed drywall behind the high chair has finally been painted. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Every time we get a little dusting of snow, Molly goes running to the window and yells, appropriately, "SNOW!" Last year her reactions to snow were a tad disappointing. I wanted for Molly to share in the excitement that snow brings.

I guess all my madly running through the house after spying the first flake has paid off. Because now when I'm madly running through the house after spying the first flake, I now have an equally excited companion. 

 And we'll teach bear cub next year.

Child, you're blue eyes slay me.

If only everybody could get a nap on a Monday afternoon. Just go ahead and stretch out there on the office floor. I think we could end wars if people would just take a effing nap on a Monday afternoon.

See there, that's how I justify all my napping and not doing stuff. Just helping save the world one nap at a time.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


I struggle sometimes when it comes to finding a name or what word to use when referring to my "mom's house." I haven't lived there for years, so it's not my home. But saying "mom's house" seems way too informal. Like it deserves more reverence. I can't call it my childhood house. We moved there after I did most of my growing, so I don't consider it where I grew up. But it is where many of my family still live and I guess that's why it's still home or at least one of my homes.

When I'm on the phone and I tell my mom we're going to be home this weekend, it could really mean two things....we're coming for a visit or we're staying put.

When we're there and my brothers and babies are closer to siblings than uncles, it becomes my home again. 

(pictures courtesy of Mark) 

And there isn't a separation. We're just family. We're home.

I can feel this shift when I witness Marcella unselfishly sharing her time with Molly to play with her but after awhile needs a little alone time, they remind me more of sisters. The only difference is their last names.

But somewhere between there and here, after the we have to leave lump shrinks in my throat, I arrive home once more. I pull the car in our garage. Tuck babies into their rightful sleeping places. And I'm home. 

I can't explain the sadness I feel having to leave but not being sad about where I'm going. But I guess that's life. Just part of the unexplainable. The part when you have to just let it be and not complicate it with theories and debates. If it feels like home, it must be home.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Workin' on a weekend.

It's getting pretty close to that time of the week when we can tell Molly that her daddy will be there when she wakes up, when we hit up the local coffee joint, and when life slows to an acceptable speed. I'm also looking forward to doing a little work around the house this weekend. Maybe a little painting...maybe a little organizing...maybe, just maybe, a little tearin' out and puttin' new in.

So lately in the morning Molly slips out of her room without me waking, finds the kindle and wakes me by putting the little touch pad on my face.

Also, she requires my warm side of the bed to curl up in and not the big empty side Marshal leaves on the cold side of the bed. Oh well, it's time for me to get up anyway.

Molly really enjoys an early morning episode of Blues Clues....all $39.99 worth of Blues Clues that she figured out how to purchase the other day. Good job Amazon in doping me into putting my credit card number on my account and enabling "one-click transactions" so that my two year old can buy whatever she wants. Merry Christmas, kid.

John rolled over for the first time. I was in the bathroom. Marshal got to see it though, so that was pretty cool because he usually misses most of the mile stones being at work.

We also pulled out the highchair.

He digs it.

Check out these baby blues...

I think they just might be a gift from Marshal's dad.

I used to be able to put John in his rocker and he'd sleep for hours...

Changed a bit, hasn't he?

Well, I'm going to go enjoy some squishy cheeks and do some much needed coloring, and possibly a little play-dohing.

What's your weekend look like?



Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh 'tis the season!

Wow! what a holiday season it has been!

Christmas morning was at my parent's house. As we have in the past, Christmas eve we pack up the car and head north.

Also, as with most years....St. Nick didn't disappoint.

And even if Old Saint Nicholas completely skipped over the Travis house, I don't think anyone would notice...

...because we are way too busy laughing at the college kid.

...or having a brewski with a brother.

yes, there are lots of them.

What I love most about Christmas at my mom's is at any given point you will find someone napping or just waking up on one of the hundreds of couches...

And how slowly a ring of Travis' will form when the bear cub gets his jammies changed...

Christmas can be very hard for people. There are so many obvious reasons for why people get depressed this time of year. For instance, the two year old, for whom you've been shopping for over the last HOW MANY FREAKIN MONTHS, just flat out refuses to open any more gifts.    

I'm sure appreciation comes later on in life.

But it's the everything else, the traditions that you don't even realize are traditions, the food, the smells, the just being with your family. Like I said before, just pass on by next year, Santa, and nobody would notice.

I guess I just pretty much summarized The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but I get it now. When I used to say "Christmas isn't just about presents, Molly," in the back of my mind I'd say, "but it wouldn't be the same without them." I don't think the "magic" children find in Christmas is from the whole Santa spiel, even though Toys-r-us is trying there hardest to make us believe it is. I think they find the excitement in us. They feel what we feel.

We learn the magic, the traditions from our parents and we'll pass it on to our kids.

Happy New Year