Monday, January 30, 2012

Doin' stuff

I need to get better at doing stuff while my kids sleep. Like instead of crawling into bed next to Molly while she and her brother sleep, I need to do productive things. Things like dishes or the mound of laundry or compose a decent blog. But because I am weak and need love to sleep, I have to quickly just post a few pictures from the last few weeks and will promise to be better at not sleeping during all my free time.

Last week John and Molly each took a day to have a low fever. John stayed close to me, mostly sleeping, while he was sick. Molly, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be fazed be insignificant things like fevers and illnesses. She just keeps on truckin.

She only has a few more months of the whole two-year-old thang. And this whole my-child-will-be-three thing is blowing my mind.

Winter is rough with not being able to go outside, visit parks and pools and the lack of sunny days can really affect our moods, but this year has been particularly hard. The only good part of winter is the snow. WHERE'S ALL THE SNOW!

My camera couldn't even touch the beauty of this magnificent sunrise a few weeks ago. A beautiful sunrise is all I need every once in awhile. I don't care how cold it is outside if the sky looks like that I'll be out there bath robe and all.

Caught Molly playing with her brother the other day. I was doing dishes and looked over to find her very nicely handing him toys and singing him songs. See...I knew she'd like him eventually.

Also, that patch of exposed drywall behind the high chair has finally been painted. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Every time we get a little dusting of snow, Molly goes running to the window and yells, appropriately, "SNOW!" Last year her reactions to snow were a tad disappointing. I wanted for Molly to share in the excitement that snow brings.

I guess all my madly running through the house after spying the first flake has paid off. Because now when I'm madly running through the house after spying the first flake, I now have an equally excited companion. 

 And we'll teach bear cub next year.

Child, you're blue eyes slay me.

If only everybody could get a nap on a Monday afternoon. Just go ahead and stretch out there on the office floor. I think we could end wars if people would just take a effing nap on a Monday afternoon.

See there, that's how I justify all my napping and not doing stuff. Just helping save the world one nap at a time.


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