Thursday, March 1, 2012

March it is...

I'd been looking forward to yesterday's weather since spying the forecast earlier this week. Yesterday was literally a breath of fresh air. This time of year, getting a day like yesterday is like a dose of sanity. Opening windows to let the outside slip in, sunshine lighting up darkened corners, and being able to spend time outside makes our little house feel so much bigger.

Early in the morning, I opened a window and it was like the coolest thing that had ever happened to Molly. It was like I had okayed something that she normally wouldn't be able to do. She couldn't believe we could have windows open.

After I held Johnny up to the window, Molly had to do the same with her baby...which for whatever reason she has named the doll Babe. It's really funny to hear her playing from the other room shouting to her baby, "I'll be right there, babe! Hold on, babe!"

Lately everything I do with Johnny, Molly will imitate with her baby. If I change John, she will change her baby. If I show John the open window, she shows her baby the open window. If I nurse John, you betta believe she's nursing hers.


Hi, John.

He waves :).


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