Thursday, April 19, 2012

Molly Bird turned 3

Molly woke up on her birthday to a special breakfast tea party. She goes absolutely crazy when I set up her little table with juice and crackers, so it was a wonderful surprise for her to wake up to. This was a last minute idea I had the night before and was lucky to have a few of her favorite breakfast treats on hand to spoil her with.

During breakfast, I told her today was her day and we would do whatever she wanted to do or play with. She immediately began to play out the day, sharing every detail over our coffee and juice. First we were going to have a dance party, then go shopping in her closet, of course, with the make shift shopping cart she fashioned out of a Huggies box, and then kick the new green ball outside....'allllllll day.'

As a mom, the best part of celebrating their birthdays is seeing how special they feel. It's the one day a year you can give them treats, new toys and endlessly play games without the everyday interruptions. It's their day and it's your joy to make them feel special because they are so special to you.

Of course everyday I remind her how lovely she is and how much she makes me happy, but on her birthday,  on the day she was born I'm allowed to forget about selling the house, buying a house, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. and just focus my attention on her. Focus on my girl.

Childhood goes way too fast. I want to take time to fully celebrate and appreciate the little milestones in my kids lives. I can already look into her eyes and wonder what kind of a teenager she will be or what kind of a mom she will be someday. I can already see her growing so fast.

Later in the day while Molly and John were napping, I frosted the cupcakes and cake we had baked earlier and decorated the desk with a lacy cloth and pictures of past birthdays.

Another last minute idea I had that I was grateful for after showing Molly.

Everything was pink, because "pink is my favorite color," which we frequently hear from our little birdy. Pink cake, pink icing, pink wrapping paper. She was in pink heaven.

And of course it wouldn't be a birthday party without the candles and song...except Marshal jumped the gun on cutting the cake while I was back nursing the baby so we improvised and stuck a candle in a cupcake. One candle was enough for her to blow out anyway :).

It really couldn't have been a sweeter day. We were so blessed to have Marshal's brothers come visit to help with the spoiling. She may not remember every little detail of these early years, but she will know she is loved.


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