Tuesday, May 8, 2012

As of lately...

I've been driving myself (and my family) nuts trying to sell our house. It's only been two weeks, but the emotional roller coaster has been insane. It's absolutely over whelmed my every thought. My life revolves around showings, phone calls from my Realtor and making sure the house is always spotless. I know I can't continue like this so my goal for the next two weeks is to learn how to cope with disappointment and learn patience. 

These guys.....

.....they rock.

And this guy is getting into EVERYTHING.

He crawls. He stands. He crazy.

This month his expressions have multiplied.

This morning he's been unstoppable. He'll make his way to the back door, pull himself up on it and then continue to smack the glass door. And moving him away from it is like taking a drink away from an addict; he's just going to go back to it.

Now that he can roam, he's been gettin' all up in Molly's bizz-nazz. Mom my put it well the other day in saying, "Molly's free reign is over."

She's learning to hangout on higher ground.

I live for good morning faces. Sleepy eyes make me melt.

So for the past three years of my diaper buying life, I've been saving reward points for each box of diapers and wipes I buy. After realizing I had turned into a reward point hoarder, I cashed them in and got each child an age appropriate educational-ish toy. But do you want to take a guess at what they fought over....

Happy Tuesday

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