Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catching up and slowing down.

If you'd could ask Johnny what his favorite past time would be, he'd probably tell you it is looking out the window. This kid can't get enough. 

Yesterday Marshal was outside working on the lawn and this little bear cub got the biggest kick out of seeing him through the window. 

Every time Marshal would walk past he'd light up and start slamming the glass with his little hands.


The past two days have been nice. Nice as in "things are going to get crazy fast but right now things are calm" kind of nice.  Marshal had a few days off, so we took advantage and didn't do much.

Last weekend was exhausting, physically and emotionally, for all of us. So yesterday morning I slipped out early with Molly to get a doughnut and a cappuccino. She needed a little extra attention and I just so happened to need a little caffeine.  

I also wanted to get out to our little cafe because our days here might be numbered. Some very exciting things are going on around here, but I'll share more later....

But for now, I'm just enjoying the calm because I can see chaos and packing boxes in the near future :).


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