Friday, November 30, 2012

Goes a little something like this....come one

Fresh Beat Band, anyone?


My goal for this weekend is to have Molly's room finished. painted. trimmed. furnished. I want it done, so this morning Marshal is prepping the walls so he can get the first skim coat on by the end of today (you know there will be before and after's). Which means at this point in the project, I'm the parent who has to keep kids entertained and out of the way.

This morning I'm cheating, though. Today I'm letting my basement do the entertaining. I LOVE my basement. Molly is playing with her princesses and dollhouses on the bar and Johnny is keeping himself busy King Kong-ing the barbie furniture I set up on the floor for him. And I'm flipping through paint swatches, sorting pictures to be framed and clicking through bedroom sets on

I understand there has to be a balance and sometimes that requires me to sit back and let Marshal have his time. I have to do the everyday parent duties to keep up and keep things functioning and let Marshal get stuff done. Because we're parents. We don't get to just dive into projects and shut everything else out. Things don't change for kids just because we're remodeling or updating. They still need feed, clothed and entertained.

I know when we get to the point in the project that requires my expertise the roles will change and Marshal will take the parent role of watching our kids and I will get time to paint, organize and decorate. And it's not because I'm female and he's male, it's because that's just what we're better at and we choose to help each other out. But the bottom line is always what's best for our kids.

In other news:

  1. Christmas shopping is done.
  2. I'm not wrapping my gifts in super cute homemade wrapping paper and bows like all those adorable blogger momma's out there, so don't hold your breath. 
  3. I really wanted to eat a cookie for breakfast but didn't because I'm only five lbs. away from my pre-baby weight....and yes Johnny is more than a year old. don't judge.
  4. Looking for a babysitter for Saturday night.
  5. Really hoping I grow up to be a short person so I can wear THESE
  6. And while I wear THOSE I'll drink a bottle glass of THIS 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shopping. Santa. And is it really the end of November?

Yesterday was a very full day. We made a Sam's Club run and started a little Christmas shopping. We finally did it right this time! I did the majority of our gift buying online this year (hoping everything ships okay) and actually took advantage of Marshal's time off yesterday and went out early. My kids are so calm in the morning and almost enjoy car rides and we were done by the afternoon so they both took naps on the drive back! I feel like I'm finally learning how to shop with kids.

Unfortunately, Molly is too old/smart to buy her Christmas presents in front of her, so we had to do a little strategic shopping this year. I sent Marshal back into Sam's Club to pick up something I wanted to get for her and laughed my way through a lie, making up something to explain for why he went back inside. Luckily, she's easily distracted.

(morning face PLUS packed cheeks)

Like the past few years, we're not lying pretending that Santa Claus is real. It's weird, I know. It just doesn't sit right with me. There are just so many reasons why I feel like making my child believe a strange man comes into our house once a year and drops off toys is just wrong. So I'm going rogue. To Molly, Santa Claus is the same as a cartoon or a character in a movie. He is just imaginary. And she's cool with that.

(proud stubborn children make for excellent hide and seeker's)

My little sister was terrified of Santa Claus coming into our house and I remember my mom saying she had to sleep in bed with her. I don't ever remember being afraid of Ole Saint Nick, but I do remember wondering why I wasn't good enough of a child to receive as many of gifts as other friends had gotten from Santa. I thought Santa didn't like me! How awful is that? I want my kids to be appreciative of what they get because it is from their dad and I.

Of course, there are times I think what I'm doing is wrong. Sometimes I can even get caught up in the "magic of Christmas" but it's never worth it enough to change my mind. My children will enjoy Christmas equally, if not more, even though Mom and Dad are responsible for the gifts under the tree.

(Johnny destroying a  box)

We actually really enjoyed having Molly help pick out a gift for Johnny. Luckily, he is still baby enough to shop in front of. Because she had to think of someone other than herself and also know that all the presents under the tree aren't for her come Christmas morning...which I know is going to be an issue.

How do all you mother's out there deal with "Santa?" Did your kids believe in Santa?


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Johnny's poop smell is choking me out so this post will be quick and unorganized.

Like I said, baby boy needs a new diaper. But, he's playing so well with Molly and I don't want to disturb them. I'll give 'em five.

This is the final day of what seems to be the longest five days ever. Marshal is finally off work tomorrow and the basement is really starting to show it....

About 400 sq. ft. of our basement is "finished" and it's pretty much just a playroom. The only furniture we have down there is a desk, which gives our kids plenty of room to play and run. I love it because it's another place for us to go during the day and the best part is that at the end of the day I can close the door and not see the mess....I can't wait to add to that mess by bringing in more toys on Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas....Johnny's moose romper is killing me. Thanks, Marlene, for making me get this.

It's like he's a mix between an oompa-loompa and an elf. Absolutely adorbs., my little man is.

Johnny has gotten a lot more enjoyable outside. He no longer puts everything in his mouth and the threat of falling on the cement has weakened since his walking skills have picked up.

Molly entertains herself on the patio with my little sisters hand-me-down-freaking-awesome-huffy-tricycle by circling the patio table over and over and over again. She loves it, which means I love it.

Once Marshy B is home my early weekend will begin with grocery shopping, dinner, and then if I'm lucky an over due shower! exciting...


Sunday, November 25, 2012

There is so much to be thankful for.

The closest thing to a decent family photo we've taken in awhile. (thanks to my cousins)

Molly saw this picture and said, "I just don't know why all my uncles are holding me. I just don't know why they are so silly."

Trying to get a big family photo...

which is hilarious...

and ridiculous....

(that wasn't staged. I promise. We're that bad.)

I tried hard...really get a picture of Molly and Johnny before leaving on Thursday, but they wouldn't cooperate either.

All Johnny wanted to do was through the pumpkin over the porch...

The thought of having to get the kids dressed again this morning (after two thanksgivings and a wedding this weekend) has left me crippled.

Weekends Marshal works are so long, but this weekend has been the longest yet! Looking forward to Wednesday..

But until then we will be doing some major Christmas-ing around here.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

If I die young...

Do you ever worry about if you die before your kids grow up if they would have enough pictures of you to hold on to and remember you by?

It's strange, I know, but I think about it.

(nitty-gritty pics because are basement is full of dark wood paneling and retro sconce lighting. groovy.)

I worry because I know I usually dodge cameras or am behind the lens and I feel like a goober taking pictures of myself...yup. 

But like 100% of the things I do, I'm doing it for them.

I really don't know what she is putting in her mouth. I know it's not food, though.

And she hasn't fully learned to operate her lips yet so this is the best "kiss" face I could get.

This is a work weekend for Marshy B so I should be more productive during this very precious nap time. But I probably won't.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Swing to the rhythm of love.

Wow the stress of Christmas just hit me like a ton of bricks. I was just sitting here uploading a few pictures when this commercial for toys-r-us came on...and BAM! stress.

And I only have two kids...and they're not even old enough yet to not like what we give them. I can only image the level of stress my mother encountered every year around this time with NINE children to shop for.

I need to throw post-it's all over my house with reminders for why we celebrate this time of year to keep myself focused.


My kids can't resist a good blanket on the floor. I have to make sure they're not around while I fold blankets because they think it's a game trying to throw their bodies on the dangling ends of the blanket, making a one minute chore last forever.

Molly's sweater is from two years ago and is two sizes too small, but there is no talking her out of wearing it. She loves it. She's expressing herself (ha!).

And this little bear cub is climbing everything! Molly wasn't much of a climber and I had no idea how lucky I was. This guy is a little terror.

He makes me nervous for putting up our tree because I know there will be no leaving it alone.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Being a mom means understanding crazy.

Afternoon blues. Defined as the time between Our bear cub's lovely nap and the time before Marshal gets home from work.

Today was no different then most. Johnny begs for food while Molly bird begs for the impossible; my sole attention.

Mornings are nice because our activities usually involve things I could actually talk about to people who I care what their opinion of me is...maybe even brag about. Like for-instance, morning's will involve Molly reciting Shakespear while Johnny constructs the Eiffle Tower from blocks.

Afternoons, however, involve Molly laying on her back playing with her fingers, laughing hysterically, while Johnny continues to circle the living room until he smacks his head on a wall.

(Taking a mean curve around the highchair, before surprise attacking Molly)

But right after I yell "WHAT AM I DOING," and right before all hell breaks loose, someone (that someone usually being me) says, "Daddy's home!"

And then voila, Marshal walks through that painted brown garage door and suddenly the afternoon blues dissipate into nothing but the knowledge that it will once again return tomorrow...

...but until then :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Since June 7th...

We've celebrated.

We've celebrated the life and the love that God has given to us only one year ago.

We've said good-bye.

We've said good-bye to the littlest of blue houses...

...which we had grown ever so fond of.

And then we said hello.

We said hello to the loveliest of little white houses.....with a little wood paneling and LOTS of wallpaper.

Then there was adjusting...

Dealing with being homesick for a house I will never see again. Dealing with being unorganized. Dealing with starting over.

But soon, dealing became just living.

A living that didn't involve showings, staging, and the phrase, "oh, it won't matter in this LOW price range." A living where my Realtor isn't on my speed dial.

Then there was the hair cut.

Baby boy needed a hair cut.

I don't have any pictures from his first hair cut, but I do have an after shot.

He really does like it.


Halloween rocks.

My little monster.

We did Halloween twice. First we trick or treated at home then the following weekend we went with Marshal's mom and Ted's for a Halloween parade.

After a summer of not blogging, it feels good to be "back," (whatever "back" actually is).

Happy Saturday!