Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Being a mom means understanding crazy.

Afternoon blues. Defined as the time between Our bear cub's lovely nap and the time before Marshal gets home from work.

Today was no different then most. Johnny begs for food while Molly bird begs for the impossible; my sole attention.

Mornings are nice because our activities usually involve things I could actually talk about to people who I care what their opinion of me is...maybe even brag about. Like for-instance, morning's will involve Molly reciting Shakespear while Johnny constructs the Eiffle Tower from blocks.

Afternoons, however, involve Molly laying on her back playing with her fingers, laughing hysterically, while Johnny continues to circle the living room until he smacks his head on a wall.

(Taking a mean curve around the highchair, before surprise attacking Molly)

But right after I yell "WHAT AM I DOING," and right before all hell breaks loose, someone (that someone usually being me) says, "Daddy's home!"

And then voila, Marshal walks through that painted brown garage door and suddenly the afternoon blues dissipate into nothing but the knowledge that it will once again return tomorrow...

...but until then :)

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