Friday, November 30, 2012

Goes a little something like this....come one

Fresh Beat Band, anyone?


My goal for this weekend is to have Molly's room finished. painted. trimmed. furnished. I want it done, so this morning Marshal is prepping the walls so he can get the first skim coat on by the end of today (you know there will be before and after's). Which means at this point in the project, I'm the parent who has to keep kids entertained and out of the way.

This morning I'm cheating, though. Today I'm letting my basement do the entertaining. I LOVE my basement. Molly is playing with her princesses and dollhouses on the bar and Johnny is keeping himself busy King Kong-ing the barbie furniture I set up on the floor for him. And I'm flipping through paint swatches, sorting pictures to be framed and clicking through bedroom sets on

I understand there has to be a balance and sometimes that requires me to sit back and let Marshal have his time. I have to do the everyday parent duties to keep up and keep things functioning and let Marshal get stuff done. Because we're parents. We don't get to just dive into projects and shut everything else out. Things don't change for kids just because we're remodeling or updating. They still need feed, clothed and entertained.

I know when we get to the point in the project that requires my expertise the roles will change and Marshal will take the parent role of watching our kids and I will get time to paint, organize and decorate. And it's not because I'm female and he's male, it's because that's just what we're better at and we choose to help each other out. But the bottom line is always what's best for our kids.

In other news:

  1. Christmas shopping is done.
  2. I'm not wrapping my gifts in super cute homemade wrapping paper and bows like all those adorable blogger momma's out there, so don't hold your breath. 
  3. I really wanted to eat a cookie for breakfast but didn't because I'm only five lbs. away from my pre-baby weight....and yes Johnny is more than a year old. don't judge.
  4. Looking for a babysitter for Saturday night.
  5. Really hoping I grow up to be a short person so I can wear THESE
  6. And while I wear THOSE I'll drink a bottle glass of THIS 

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  1. Two things:

    I like your functional perspective on "male and female." Really, really like it.

    You look simply beautiful; I say eat that cookie for tomorrow's breakfast and enjoy it! :)