Saturday, November 17, 2012

If I die young...

Do you ever worry about if you die before your kids grow up if they would have enough pictures of you to hold on to and remember you by?

It's strange, I know, but I think about it.

(nitty-gritty pics because are basement is full of dark wood paneling and retro sconce lighting. groovy.)

I worry because I know I usually dodge cameras or am behind the lens and I feel like a goober taking pictures of myself...yup. 

But like 100% of the things I do, I'm doing it for them.

I really don't know what she is putting in her mouth. I know it's not food, though.

And she hasn't fully learned to operate her lips yet so this is the best "kiss" face I could get.

This is a work weekend for Marshy B so I should be more productive during this very precious nap time. But I probably won't.


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