Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shopping. Santa. And is it really the end of November?

Yesterday was a very full day. We made a Sam's Club run and started a little Christmas shopping. We finally did it right this time! I did the majority of our gift buying online this year (hoping everything ships okay) and actually took advantage of Marshal's time off yesterday and went out early. My kids are so calm in the morning and almost enjoy car rides and we were done by the afternoon so they both took naps on the drive back! I feel like I'm finally learning how to shop with kids.

Unfortunately, Molly is too old/smart to buy her Christmas presents in front of her, so we had to do a little strategic shopping this year. I sent Marshal back into Sam's Club to pick up something I wanted to get for her and laughed my way through a lie, making up something to explain for why he went back inside. Luckily, she's easily distracted.

(morning face PLUS packed cheeks)

Like the past few years, we're not lying pretending that Santa Claus is real. It's weird, I know. It just doesn't sit right with me. There are just so many reasons why I feel like making my child believe a strange man comes into our house once a year and drops off toys is just wrong. So I'm going rogue. To Molly, Santa Claus is the same as a cartoon or a character in a movie. He is just imaginary. And she's cool with that.

(proud stubborn children make for excellent hide and seeker's)

My little sister was terrified of Santa Claus coming into our house and I remember my mom saying she had to sleep in bed with her. I don't ever remember being afraid of Ole Saint Nick, but I do remember wondering why I wasn't good enough of a child to receive as many of gifts as other friends had gotten from Santa. I thought Santa didn't like me! How awful is that? I want my kids to be appreciative of what they get because it is from their dad and I.

Of course, there are times I think what I'm doing is wrong. Sometimes I can even get caught up in the "magic of Christmas" but it's never worth it enough to change my mind. My children will enjoy Christmas equally, if not more, even though Mom and Dad are responsible for the gifts under the tree.

(Johnny destroying a  box)

We actually really enjoyed having Molly help pick out a gift for Johnny. Luckily, he is still baby enough to shop in front of. Because she had to think of someone other than herself and also know that all the presents under the tree aren't for her come Christmas morning...which I know is going to be an issue.

How do all you mother's out there deal with "Santa?" Did your kids believe in Santa?


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