Saturday, November 10, 2012

Since June 7th...

We've celebrated.

We've celebrated the life and the love that God has given to us only one year ago.

We've said good-bye.

We've said good-bye to the littlest of blue houses...

...which we had grown ever so fond of.

And then we said hello.

We said hello to the loveliest of little white houses.....with a little wood paneling and LOTS of wallpaper.

Then there was adjusting...

Dealing with being homesick for a house I will never see again. Dealing with being unorganized. Dealing with starting over.

But soon, dealing became just living.

A living that didn't involve showings, staging, and the phrase, "oh, it won't matter in this LOW price range." A living where my Realtor isn't on my speed dial.

Then there was the hair cut.

Baby boy needed a hair cut.

I don't have any pictures from his first hair cut, but I do have an after shot.

He really does like it.


Halloween rocks.

My little monster.

We did Halloween twice. First we trick or treated at home then the following weekend we went with Marshal's mom and Ted's for a Halloween parade.

After a summer of not blogging, it feels good to be "back," (whatever "back" actually is).

Happy Saturday!


  1. Hooray!!!! I am glad you are back to blogging! So, you got your computer fixed then? This post was awesome...brought a little tears to my eyes. I can't believe how fast the kidos are growing up. Come visit me soon!

  2. what a great post...I loved reading it! I can understand a lot of what you all have been through...woo. Life is change, I suppose.

    thanks for stopping by Lim :).