Friday, December 7, 2012

St. Nick

Sickness rocked our house this week. I hate when my kids are sick. They look so helpless and I feel so useless, especially with this cruddy cold virus. Molly started with a fever first. Mortin brought it down a bit but when it hadn't broke in 24 hours, we got a little concerned and decided to make a trip to Urgent Care Tuesday night.  Luckily her ears, throat and lungs were clear and she tested negative for the flu. So we left with instructions for fluids, motrin and plenty of rest. I was really praying Johnny wouldn't catch the virus, but sure enough he woke up Wednesday morning with a temp and runny nose.

The naps have been nice...

but, I'm very ready for things to return to "normal" around here.

I was so desperate on Wednesday to make them happy that after nap time I called in a little favor to St. Nick and asked him to stop by early this year.

Luckily he obliged.

And I had two mildly sick, very sleepy, yet extremely happy babies.

Their reactions were priceless and the distraction was great for me!

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  1. Oh isn't it the worst when they are sick? I seriously get down in the dumps for them:( Precious babes. Glad St. Nicholas sympathized with you!