Friday, December 13, 2013

Play time.

We have meal time. Then there's nap time. Occasionally there is T.V. time. My favorite is snack time. But for the majority, we have play time.

(lot's of pictures)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

After the sickness fog had lifted...

Usually when I am suddenly startled by silence, I will rush around the house until I find these two next to a pile of something they shouldn't be getting into, but last week this was what I found...

Just a moment of not fighting with each other...

A few days ago, I heard Johnny crying out to me in his crib.

He kept exasperatingly saying, "I can't find my hole! I can't find my hole!"

He had slipped his arm out of the shirt and couldn't get it back through the arm hole and it was really really upsetting. 

When I see her in someone else's arms, am I just shocked at how big she seems!

She's holding on to toys now and trying to chew on anything she can get those little chubby fingers to grab on to!

Last night before bed, as we do this time of year, we turned on Christmas music for them to run around in circles to. At one point I decided to grab my camera to film them, which turned into me trying to take a group picture of the three....

Of course Johnny ditched early, leaving Brigid and Molly.

Molly was doing such a great job of holding Brigid that I thought I could try to reincorporate Johnny into the photo shoot....maybe we could actually get a Christmas card worthy picture.

So, this one I'm holding Johnny against his will...

This wasn't working because I couldn't get anyone of them to look up....

I thought I could convince Johnny to sit for a picture if he were holding Brigid, except that led to him poking her cheek over and over again leaving her understandably distraught.

Photo shoot over.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

These days...

I'm pretty sure it took longer to get the kids all bundled up than the time that we actually spent outside, but was fun. When it snowed in October Molly begged to go out but by the time we got out all the snow had melted, so I had to make it happen. One perk to all the snow and gear involved is Johnny's inability to dart away from me. He couldn't get anywhere too fast with all the layers of clothing and inch of snow. My little snow bunny stayed warm, tucked close to me in her wrap. I can always count on her to stay close.

I was seriously in need of a pick-me up this afternoon and hot cocoa was just what the doc ordered.

Molly's most prized possession, because it has her name on it of course...well most prized possession among many, many others.

His "smile."

Pictures from this morning... Molly turns into such a ham every time I pull out the camera, but the lighting in her bedroom was perfect and their cheeks were still fresh from sleep so I couldn't resist trying to get a few.

Mornings are so nice. I never have very high expectations and it never disappoints. I also know that starting next year our mornings will be very different with Molly going to school so I'm going to cherish these slow, calm mornings while I can.