Friday, January 18, 2013


Good morning Rosie (the tank engine), now get the #!@% out of my tea.

That was my little bear cubs doing. Yesterday I made an effort to make something less delicious but more nutritious for ma' body, but because Johnny decided that Rosie was going to swim with the fishes, I said au revoir to the cup o' train and make a caffeinated pot of yummmm. 

Molly's war paint...I mean make-up. 

Went to Sam's Club and now we have a surplus of new toys, I mean boxes for the kids to play with. Molly put the pop tart box on her head first and told Johnny to do the same so that they could be Space guys. They had a lot of fun running into walls....that's a joke. I made them sit in the space ship. 

While I try to put make-up on, I usually let Johnny play with what I'm not using and what he can't destroy. And he's actually come up with a little make-up routine himself.

First he powders his eyes...

Then he'll curl his upper lip.

Happy Friday

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scattered pieces with pictures

Holy-ridiculousness time goes fast.

Christmas has already come and vanished....seemingly faster than years past.

This was our first Christmas here and probably the least stressful, as far as not having to travel goes. But it was definitely the most stressful for me as far as anticipating Christmas morning and making sure things were perfect.

And it was perfect...

As I am aware most everyone is a bit over Christmas at this point, so I won't get into every little detail of our holiday, but I have to say that every little bit of growing they do each year makes it that much more fun for us as parents. The excitement, the magic and the appreciation we see in their faces make all the stress worth it.


The snow that followed Christmas was actually a great excuse to stay home and be together...HA who am I kidding....we're always home :). It was, however, a nice distraction form the returning colds the kids keep coming down with.

At first every time Johnny would touch the snow he would wave his hands around with the biggest goofy-ist smile on his face.

I love that smile.


In a moment of weakness, from both lack of sleep and lack of motivation to cook, I broke down and had Marshal bring home McDonald's for dinner. I unfortunately have a major love for the mcdouble and even the most stubborn sick appetite-less child will eat mcnuggets. Even though Johnny is still not allowed to eat Micky D's, he had a great time entertaining us with the box.


Sportin' Marshy B's knit hat. Adorbs.


A few mornings ago I left the living room for a second to grab something from the kitchen and when I came back I found this. I'm not sure if it was Molly's doing or if John placed the basket over his head independently. Her lack of interest makes me believe it was the later. If you look close you can see Johnny is still eating his granola bar under there!


The morning rays that spill onto the kitchen counter


Molly is remarkably good at building with Lincoln Logs. I'm pretty sure Marshal built the one above, but she has surprised us a few times with very creative structures she crafted on her own.


Frame worthy? I think yes.


I finally got to take the kids out in the snow this morning. Their colds have at last relinquished and the temperatures outside are much more tolerable, so I layered and bundled and layered some more until I felt that they were ready. Johnny wore Molly's old snow suit and Molly layered on the sweat pants.

Afterwards I warmed up milk and handed out a few marshmallows to hold off the appetites that they had worked up while trudging through two inches of melting snow. During meal times and snack times after the chaos of satisfying each child's requests has been met and Johnny can no longer be heard screaming, "BRRRRRRRRRR-aa," Molly will open up for conversation.  Today, while snacking and deep in thought Molly looks up at me and asked, "What does gone mean?" I gave her my definition, hoping this convo wasn't going to get deep, and out of curiosity I asked what the word meant to her. She replies, "Like when I eat food and then it's gone." Yes, Molly.