Tuesday, February 26, 2013

16 weeks

16 weeks:

Not feeling any better than week 15 but at this point I don't feel completely pregnant yet and can still enjoy things like tying my own shoe laces and being able to roll over in bed without having to make a four point turn. 

I guess I breathed in the second I took the picture because I felt like there's more going on than that....oh and I should have closed the shower curtain...and stood up straighter...and had someone else take the picture. 


I had a regular post lined up for today, but today I'm just not feeling it because this morning I got news that our family dog, Malcolm, was put down. I guess I'm just feeling a little sad/reminiscent, but I'm proud of my mother because she had to make the hard decision that adults sometime have to make.   

Until we meet again old friend...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

29 days until spring.

The past week and weekend we did all of nothing and I'm pretty sure everybody around here has developed a very nasty winter funk. Molly is just as sick of her winter clothes as I am and has been revolting against this crappy weather by strutting around the house in spring dresses and slippers. To make things worse, I've started buying spring/summer clothes for the kids, which just adds to my spring anticipation.

Because of our lack of motivation and my sudden desire to cut back on the kids TV time, most of our activities are as follows:

Molly does something.

Johnny knocks her over.

Then Molly goes away.


I let (more like didn't know she was doing it at the time) Molly walk around the house with my camera and I had a ball looking at every picture she took while she narrated them for me...and also I've got nothing else, so I'll leave you with what I like to call "Photos by Molly."

Her toes!

An outlet with a child protective cover, if you were wondering.

By the time we got here, Molly says, "dat's my cereal. I just don't know why I did dat."

"And dat's my smoodie." A smoodie is a smoothie, fyi.

Yes, they are all blurry and yes I have more :).


p.s. the more children I have, the bigger the Valentines day gifts appear to get.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend rhythmn

Our weekend was busy with commitments each night, but was balanced by calm slow mornings. I loved visiting with friends and having a meal without our kids, but when I wake up in the morning, no matter how early, I'm always eager to see their faces.

When I get groceries I usually try to find something special for breakfast on Saturday. For me it's a way to make Saturday different from the rest of the week, even if Marshal is working.

Molly refused to open her eyes for a picture...

I seriously don't know where she gets this stuff. It's like she tries to make me mad and laugh at the same time.

Molly finishing her morning chores....of playing with water after I did dishes.

Johnny surfin' the net.

Naps. I usually check on baby bear after I know he's fallen asleep and straighten him up....because lawd, that can't be safe for breathing or ankles.

Everyday Molly asks me what craft we can do today. I cringe because I am neither crafty nor do I have crafty stuff.

But the other day I searched the house and came up with these guys. Food coloring on pasta noodles. Super smart. I know.

But it entertained these guys for like literally minutes. Lots of minutes longer than my usual crafts keep them entertained.

Molly smiling for the camera.

And we're back to the closing the eyes game.

Have a happy Tuesday and eat a fruit snack!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A muffin for my muffins.

I pulled out a fail proof, favorite recipe of ours and got my bake on this morning. I spent most of yesterday putting away the mess the weekend left with us and was unmotivated to pick up where I left off. So I welcomed the distraction that constructing homemade goodies brings and pushed off household obligations for later this afternoon.

Mini muffins are perfect for those little fingers. I need to buy a bigger muffin tin so I can bake more at a time because these are gone faster than they can be made.

Big eyes and bigger cheeks. My little bear. Completely content with a muffin in hand.

Happy Tuesday!