Tuesday, February 19, 2013

29 days until spring.

The past week and weekend we did all of nothing and I'm pretty sure everybody around here has developed a very nasty winter funk. Molly is just as sick of her winter clothes as I am and has been revolting against this crappy weather by strutting around the house in spring dresses and slippers. To make things worse, I've started buying spring/summer clothes for the kids, which just adds to my spring anticipation.

Because of our lack of motivation and my sudden desire to cut back on the kids TV time, most of our activities are as follows:

Molly does something.

Johnny knocks her over.

Then Molly goes away.


I let (more like didn't know she was doing it at the time) Molly walk around the house with my camera and I had a ball looking at every picture she took while she narrated them for me...and also I've got nothing else, so I'll leave you with what I like to call "Photos by Molly."

Her toes!

An outlet with a child protective cover, if you were wondering.

By the time we got here, Molly says, "dat's my cereal. I just don't know why I did dat."

"And dat's my smoodie." A smoodie is a smoothie, fyi.

Yes, they are all blurry and yes I have more :).


p.s. the more children I have, the bigger the Valentines day gifts appear to get.

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