Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last week of March?

Yesterday, while running errands, Molly asked me when spring was coming. I felt really stupid telling her that spring started a few days ago, even though it was still cold and snowy. Because really what is a season; a time of year or a change in the weather? If it were to stay freezing until July would there be a spring?

Matter of fact, she had a few of really tough questions yesterday about life, death and heaven (luckily we haven't touched hell yet). I told Marshal last night about how Molly told me that she doesn't want grandpa and grandma or mommy and daddy and Johnny to die. Ever. Marshal asked if that made me cry. I said no because she followed it up with a question regarding whether food drops into the baby's mouth when I eat.

I told her of course it does.

The other day, Molly painted her finger nails with a dry erase marker and told me that now she looks pretty like Heidi, the girl who cut her hair. She must have left quite the impression on Molly bird.

Marshal's Christmas gift came in the mail finally a few days ago. I did a really awesome job as a wife to order the wrong size and wait 3 months to finally ship them back. Money saved by secretly ordering boots online over cyber monday? zero. Would I order boots from BootBarn again? absolutely. Great customer service.

While our third room is still under "construction" it is finally safe to leave the door open and it has become a great play room for the kids. The walls are light and there aren't any curtains so the room is always the lightest in our house. Because I'm awaiting on my personal carpenter (my husband) to install trim, we haven't moved anything in the room yet and the emptiness is very inviting for imaginative play.

And it's also great for a quick photo opt.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Running out.

St. Patrick's day was so much fun. We went out and partied all night and drank....wait no we didn't. Johnny had a fever all weekend and was in such a pleasant mood, like rainbows and unicorns kind of awesome-ness. He must be adding teeth to his mouth also, because boy hasn't let me put him down for days, which is super easy because he's such a light kid, you know.

My trick to quieting a cranky kid so I can blog, you ask? Well I play Bron-Yr-Aur really loud. Works.

After a couple of days of sick kids, things just fall apart, including myself. The sleepless nights, the constant worrying, the messy messy messy house I'm left with just is beyond anything I can handle. But after the mountains and mountains of mess have been leveled to the more tolerable mounds I'm use to and the babies start smiling again, I know my sanity will return.

Perched and ready for trouble, trouble, trouble.

I was going to take a 20 weeks picture today, but I'm just seriously out of all my good yoga pants, my eye liner from two-ish days ago is starting to fade and Dixie Chicks just came on my playlist so I need to sit here and sway back and forth lip syncing.

Happy Tuesday,

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday afternoon.

I didn't post earlier this week because my blog would have only sounded like "Johnny, put that down. No more food, Molly. What's in Johnny's mouth? Did you poop?" Ooo and this, "is it SUMMER YET?!?" because that's all I got.

He decided to just lay there in the middle of the living room looking ridiculously cute...

So he had to be tickled.

Because you can't lay on the floor in this house and not get tickled.

I call this one shoes to fill.

And here's a new one for ya. Marge is going to blog about her muffins again. These are different, though. These are Pioneer Woman style and that girl doesn't mess around. I shall never stray.

I told the kids they were only allowed to smell the muffins while they cooled.

Until Johnny went ahead and just dove in.

I told him to share.

He did, extending a tiny portion of the muffin to Molly while looking away.

Swiping fresh baked goods from the cutting board on a cold afternoon and sharing with your most favorite person in the whole world, your sister...because this is what I want for my children. When people ask why I stay home, I'd like to share these moments because they are the reason why I'm here and not somewhere else.

And did I mention I'd been extremely emotional this week?

Nap time.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hump Day

If only her eyes were open, I might get a good picture....

Breakfast tea parties...

Crimped hair from french braids...


And a minor tub accident, which has resulted in Molly being afraid to bathe with an un-diapered Johnny.

Carpet art....

A little bear's new hobby....fridge gazing.

And it's only Wednesday.