Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday afternoon.

I didn't post earlier this week because my blog would have only sounded like "Johnny, put that down. No more food, Molly. What's in Johnny's mouth? Did you poop?" Ooo and this, "is it SUMMER YET?!?" because that's all I got.

He decided to just lay there in the middle of the living room looking ridiculously cute...

So he had to be tickled.

Because you can't lay on the floor in this house and not get tickled.

I call this one shoes to fill.

And here's a new one for ya. Marge is going to blog about her muffins again. These are different, though. These are Pioneer Woman style and that girl doesn't mess around. I shall never stray.

I told the kids they were only allowed to smell the muffins while they cooled.

Until Johnny went ahead and just dove in.

I told him to share.

He did, extending a tiny portion of the muffin to Molly while looking away.

Swiping fresh baked goods from the cutting board on a cold afternoon and sharing with your most favorite person in the whole world, your sister...because this is what I want for my children. When people ask why I stay home, I'd like to share these moments because they are the reason why I'm here and not somewhere else.

And did I mention I'd been extremely emotional this week?

Nap time.

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