Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gonna get a little bit....sideways?

I left the "germination sheet" that came with the "planting tomatoes for dummies" kit I bought on top of the seeds too long so now our little plants are growing kind or sideways.

I don't remember when I planted them but I thought it would have taken longer for the seeds to sprout so I hadn't even checked on them until I saw the sprouts pushing out from under the sheet.

I really haven't planned on what I'm going to do with these tomato starters past planting the seeds. We don't have a garden and our house is lined with box woods and mulch.  I was just hoping that would all kind of work itself out through my procrastinating and Marshal's love of pulling out shrubbery. I also really didn't plan on where I'd store these starters so they could get sunshine until we can plant them in my non-existent garden.

The only thing I could come up with was dragging a desk to our tiny kitchen to set the sprouts on to, where they can hopefully get the adequate amount of sunlight they need.

I'm going to be lucky if I even get a single plant from all those starters. The kids seriously haven't left it alone. Johnny's already plucked a few sprouts from the soil and Molly won't keep her fingers out of the dirt. And the desk has become a jungle gym, because lawd, knows they don't have enough toys to play with. But, I really want to some day have a huge garden...so I have to start somewhere, right?


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Listening skills.

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment and learned that they want a second ultra-sound. I try so hard to get good explanations from doctors but I must just  go straight into a fog every time a doctor talks because I can never relay the information well. And it usually goes something like this,

"the doctor said we should do...or the doctor ordered a second ultra-sound because the baby must have been laying like this way  *motions across belly* and like that isn't a problem but she still wants another ultra-sound. Oh, and there were two reasons I think or it was like one reason because the two reasons may have affected each other *question face because I don't even understand myself*. Anyways they measured something and it was longer than usual but everything else is just perfect so they just want to have a second ultra-sound just to see because I think she said that the measurement usually helps determine the due date, but we are pretty confident about the due date so its just like why not."

AHH. I should seriously write medical textbooks.

I don't absorb information very well and in doing so will continue to drive my husband crazy for years and years to come.

Anyways, this information has left me in sort of a mood. Of course any information from a doctor that isn't everything is perfect or looking good, leaves room for concern. I guess I'm just sorting through it in my head. This blog My Child, I love You was floating around facebook at the right time for me because somehow the worlds through a women I've never met felt familiar and comforting. She really put into words how I've been feeling. If you have time, it is really worth the read.

This past Sunday was so refreshing. Even though it was windy, the air felt amazing. Opening the door to slip out for mass without being hit by a blast of arctic air and spending the afternoon in the sun was enough to give me hope that summer is soon. 

And you don't have time to worry when your kids are smiling in the grass.

God is good.

Happy Tuesday,