Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gonna get a little bit....sideways?

I left the "germination sheet" that came with the "planting tomatoes for dummies" kit I bought on top of the seeds too long so now our little plants are growing kind or sideways.

I don't remember when I planted them but I thought it would have taken longer for the seeds to sprout so I hadn't even checked on them until I saw the sprouts pushing out from under the sheet.

I really haven't planned on what I'm going to do with these tomato starters past planting the seeds. We don't have a garden and our house is lined with box woods and mulch.  I was just hoping that would all kind of work itself out through my procrastinating and Marshal's love of pulling out shrubbery. I also really didn't plan on where I'd store these starters so they could get sunshine until we can plant them in my non-existent garden.

The only thing I could come up with was dragging a desk to our tiny kitchen to set the sprouts on to, where they can hopefully get the adequate amount of sunlight they need.

I'm going to be lucky if I even get a single plant from all those starters. The kids seriously haven't left it alone. Johnny's already plucked a few sprouts from the soil and Molly won't keep her fingers out of the dirt. And the desk has become a jungle gym, because lawd, knows they don't have enough toys to play with. But, I really want to some day have a huge garden...so I have to start somewhere, right?


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