Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Little bits of sanity from an insane week

Molly's new bedroom is finally done!

I thought I had taken a picture before we took out the carpet and wall paper, but this is the only one I could find...but you can imagine the maroon carpet and tan/green wall paper. Also, notice the hunter green crown molding. When we moved here I felt really guilty taking Molly from her bright clean room and putting her in this really dark old room, which was why I decided to redo this room first. Took a lot longer than I thought but, FINALLY done. 

First Marshal stripped the room of carpet, wall paper and trim. Then he rewired all the receptacles, switches and lights, replacing all the old mix matched outlets with nice new light almond tamper proof receptacles...haha yea! I also never realized how hard it would be to decide on a light fixture for the bedroom. SO many choices! I really wanted to go with a small chandelier (because they're everywhere right now and adorable in a little girls room) but Marshal talked me down to something a bit more practical. After that we decided to smooth out the textured walls by adding a skim coat, which I'm really happy with the flat walls but the process was a lot more involved than it sounded. Next we finally primed, painted and hung new trim. 

 Our moving crew

My favorite part of the whole process was designing the closest (which I don't have a picture of). I wanted to get the most out of the space, have the kids clothes easy to reach, and also it had to be able to grow with them and their changing sizes. I'll have more on that later.

For now she has to share her new little space with her brother (until his room is remodeled) but lately she has been excited for bedtime and plays in there a lot, making all the work totally worth it. 


Monday, May 6, 2013

ma' problems.

Lately, Johnny has been waking up earlier and earlier. A few weeks ago I decided it was time for the pacifier to go, so now when he does wake up early I don't have anything to coax him back to sleep with....pacifiers are. so. easy.

I don't mind early mornings, especially since it's getting nicer outside, but he still doesn't sleep solid through the night and I feel like I'm going crazy! I also know that I am enabling this behavior because I STILL have his crib in our bedroom. And it's not because I have crazy detachment issues, he still sleeps in our room because we're STILL remodeling the kids bedrooms. When I see facebook statuses rightfully bragging about their newly born child sleeping through the night, I seriously start crying. It used to not bother me, but now with this third child on it's way I feel like I need space and sleep before we start the process all over again.

Any tips for getting an almost 2-year-old to sleep through the night? thought so.

I had to get the kids ready for church by myself yesterday, because Marshal is back on his weekend rotation shift, and I had them ready we too early so I took them outside for a little photo shoot.

It's really hard to get them both in one place, not hurting each other, smiling and looking at the camera. So, when I saw the above picture while uploading them from my camera, I about laughed myself into labor.

Molly's forced smile has gotten really forced and Johnny's attention span for picture taking is zero, so if I get one good picture after taking about a hundred I'm happy.

I said, "one more picture, Johnny." he said, "no."

It's also easier taking pictures of the kids when Marshal isn't around (sorry, dear) because he gets frustrated really easy. He demands I get a faster camera. Like my little powershot doesn't snap pictures fast enough....pfff

I know it's time for a new camera and I know what I want but I have this problem where I think there is always a better deal somewhere else and can never commit to buying anything.

Proof that they love each other.

Failed attempts of a picture with their mother.

It's Monday and Molly just told me she doesn't know patterns or ballet, so I have a lot of work to do.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Molly's Birthday: 4

My first born turned 4 a few weeks ago and we finally got around to having a party this past weekend. I really wanted to have an actual party for her this year instead of the usual thrown together mess I do the day of her birthday, which usually includes me running to Wal-Mart the day of. So I decided to hold off until we had an open weekend to celebrate our little birdy properly.

We ended up with the most beautiful Saturday afternoon to celebrate her little life. I was so grateful for the sun and warm temperatures.

I don't usually decorate, mostly because of my procrastination and lack of creativity. But it was so much fun winding streamers around the fence and throwing balloons everywhere that I definitely will be making a habit of this for the next birthdays.

I also loved how special it made Molly feel. For once we were actually doing something entirely for her and she didn't have to share it with anyone.

 When our party guests arrived we did the usual birthday food and gifts.

I tried having Molly plan the desserts but I really couldn't get a straight answer out of her. I would ask what she wanted to eat on her birthday and she would say something totally random, so I had to come up with what I thought she would like. Something told me she would enjoy pink cupcakes with pink icing and pink lemonade. She didn't complain.

Johnny did such a good job of not throwing a fit every time Molly opened something new that I can't wait for his birthday so we can shower him with the same kind of attention and gifts.

Early in the morning, I snapped this picture of her because I thought she just looked too adorable watering her flowers in her birthday dress with her usual tasseled hair. It's a reminder of how much she is changing and growing. And that's why I'm so grateful for birthday traditions. We can get so caught up in the day to day activities that if we didn't stop every once in awhile to celebrate their growth and change that we might just miss it completely.