Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stuff we do.

I haven't had time to complain/blog lately because we've been so busy enjoying summer. I know if I'm going to survive these last few weeks of hell...I mean pregnancy...I have to take advantage of the enjoyable aspects of summer, like swimming every chance we get.

I don't think I'd ever like to be pregnant during winter, because floating in the cool pool waters is all I want to do in these last stages (other than eat brownies). And swimming keeps the kids busy... and wears them out... and gives them less of an opportunity to mess up the house...and then I don't have to bathe them (just kidding).

Molly is awesome in the water. With all her flotation devices she bobs around in the shallow end, confident enough to be away from my side.

Johnny usually hangs out on the steps, but with each trip he's gotten a little bit more brave venturing as far out as the bottom step all on his own.


Mornings have also been a lot more enjoyable. Just having the sun out when we get up makes my mood one hundred percent better.

Johnny prefers his yogurt served on a left over pink party plate...and of course on top of the table.


A few proud mama moments for me recently:

1.) Molly helped prepare grapes. She took the task very seriously and didn't stop until she was finished, which gave me hope for a future of not having to ever remove grapes from the stem again.

2.) The other day Johnny was in the living room while I was finishing up with dinner dishes when Marshal told me to come in to see what Johnny was doing.

He had arranged all the Noah's Arch toys around the water bowl and was saying, "lunch. lunch." Which gives me hope that someday he will play constructively and not destructively. Usually he just breaks puzzle pieces so this was kind of big.


A few cell phone pictures from this past month:

Playing in dirt before dad can plant grass seed...

Having husband remove newly installed ceiling fan because I hated it and it needed to go back... which ended up being really great for our marriage.

My latest craving: a McDonald's berry-something fusion mixed tea thing.

Molly's latest craving: a good afternoon puzzle.

Kids plus water in any amount is always loads of entertainment for kids.

Kids not hating each other.

Johnny casually hanging out.

Johnny casually making faces.

Healthy lunches that I wanted to I can have proof that I'm not a total failure of a mother.

Molly riding her first ever carnival ride, making me tear up.

A few mornings ago, Johnny wanted his blanket swaddled around him. It was really cute seeing his little body wrapped up in the blanket walking from room to room.

Being his normal happy self.

I could have really split this post in half because it really does flow...or make sense, but really who cares :)


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let's not talk about it.

Marshal is working this weekend and I hate it. I know there are a lot of people with much more inconvenient and disruptive schedules, but I'm just sick of it. There is zero normalcy to this schedule and I find myself at my most complete wits end. I'm tired of juggling mass schedules, missing events with friends and family, and not having a freakin' Saturday morning together for three weeks. The bigger I get in this pregnancy, the less I can tolerate the little things that irritate me. Maybe it's my out of control weight gain or painful constant braxton-hicks contractions or lack of sleep due to insomnia but sometimes I think I'm just going to explode with emotion.

Molly has consistently wet the bed everyday this week, which means my mornings are showering Molly and doing two loads of laundry before I can even start on the other piles of stuff that need my attention, which never really get done because of the other two needy human beings living in my house. I am SO behind on cleaning which is why I think I'm falling a part. Slowly. One piece at a time. First laundry doesn't get done so there goes my patience. Then a bowl of cereal gets knocked over on the floor so there goes my ability to form proper sentences. Next an exploded diaper, then broken glass, then a claim from insurance will be denied, four ants will crawl across my counter, TV isn't entertaining enough for John's attention....and now I'm completely insane.

Eat some chocolate and shut-up, Margaret. I know, right? A lot of people have it way worse off than you. I know, shut-up.

From the other room I hear Molly ask , "Johnny are you tired?"
John: "yeahh."
Molly: "mom, can you plop Johnny in the crib?"
Me: "no."
Molly: "I guess Johnny is going to lay down while I push him," he's on the rocking chair, "he just doesn't do anything sometimes."

Old Navy has some kind of Super Cash thing going on so I might oblige and treat myself to another pair of extremely large sweat pants that I can mix into the rotation of other extremely large sweat pants I wear exclusively. Because online retail therapy is the same as spending an enjoyable Saturday browsing racks and smiling at other sane human beings as I pass through their shops.

Johnny keeps saying, "ereal. earal." He chooses to keep the C silent in cereal, but I keep pretending that I don't know what he's saying so I don't have to get up to give him food. But then he looked at me and said, "help, preeeese (please)," I can never resist. So this ridiculous rambling of a post will end.

Forgive me. 10 more weeks....10 more weeks....10 more weeks....