Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July

The best part about Marshal's rotations being over is that we don't have to miss him on holidays anymore. It's nice just knowing that he'll be there for all of them now. It only took a few holidays apart to make me never take for granted the holidays we have together ever again.  

The weather really didn't want cooperate with my plans to swim all day and I was kind'of bumming about it but we ended up really enjoying our day together at home.

Between pop up rain showers and thunderstorms, we squeezed in a little cookout with my family.

Between all the popsicles and ice cream and undivided attention from uncles and aunts, Molly started to look a little strung out towards the end of the evening. But to me, dirty toes, sticky fingers and crazy hair means Fourth of July was well celebrated. 

And because we weren't going to see any firecrackers this year, we had to bust out a little sparkler fun.

Constructing a sparkler spectacular in the grass.

The end result.

I know I'm behind but, Happy Independence Day!


  1. I remember going to your family's house for 4th of July one year and it was probably my favorite one ever:)