Monday, July 15, 2013

My boy.

Johnny bear.

You are changing so fast. Before my eyes you've become this little man with such a huge personality. I still think of you as my baby but then you prove me wrong by shouting your independent favorite phrase, "myself!"

This past month your vocabulary has exploded and you've started putting little two word phrases together. I think your favorite thing to say is beach ball because I'll catch you walking around the house using the word for no reason other than just to hear it. You are also a champ at saying sorry even if it wasn't your fault!

Last night you woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep. You so rarely have kept me up at nights, being the amazing sleeper you've become, that I didn't mind the quiet time we had together. We watched Baby Einstein together and every time the Gorilla or Elephant came on you smiled sleepily, because they are your favorite.

You love wearing shoes and sweat shirts and being wrapped up in a blanket. I thought summer would teach you to love wearing nothing but a diaper, but I was wrong. Every time we head outside you still ask for your coat. Maybe it's just a stage but I think you just might love the cool weather like your daddy!

Hide-and-seek is probably your favorite thing in the world to play. I'm really not a fan of this game because it usually involves a blanket or something over your head, but I guess as long as you don't play hide-and-seek in Ernst Sporting Goods like your Uncle Max did then I'm fine with it! You are also really good at playing with puzzles. You surprised me the other night by finding the correct places for most of the alphabet puzzle pieces.

I know you don't fully understand the change that is about to happen around here, but with your laid back nature I know you will adjust to having a SECOND sister just fine.

I didn't realize how much having a little boy could change my heart. You can get away with just about anything just by looking up at me with those big blue eyes. It's so hard to say no to you because you do everything with a smile and a laugh, even if it's something you know will get you into trouble.

Johnny boy, you mean the world to me and your daddy and even though you won't be the baby of our family much longer you will always be my baby.


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