Friday, July 19, 2013

Recipe a Day: Day 2

Recipe #2: The Best Peanut Butter Cookies You'll Ever Have

....but they weren't. They were actually along the lines of worst.

They looked decent and I didn't screw up the recipe, but they turned out being really dry, almost powdery. Anyways, they weren't the chewy delicious peanut butter cookies I had been dreaming of and I probably won't even take the time to share the recipe.

Now I'm going to obsess until I find a good recipe, so if you have a peanut butter cookie recipe you love, please SHARE! I want to have my freezer stocked with plenty of peanut butter cookies for my brother, Matthew, because he sticks to a dairy-free diet and I want to lure him into not leaving for college before the baby comes!


A picture from a few days ago after leaving my grandma's pool.

He has turned into such a water baby, I absolutely love watching him plan in the water.

She lets me do her hair, which I know won't last forever, but for now I'm loving it. I'm not very good but it is so much fun!

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