Monday, July 22, 2013

Recipe a day: Day 3

Today started out rainy and relaxing; perfect to get back to baking. I didn't accomplish as many recipes as I would have liked to last week, but I at least got cookies in my freezer so that makes me happy. I made mini cheesecakes Friday with a mini cupcake tin and they turned out great, but I should have doubled the batch because all of none of them made it to the freezer. opps. If I have time, I will definitely be making more!

Recipe # 3

This week I really want to focus on breakfast foods. Nothing makes my morning better than knowing my husband started his day with a good breakfast. I also know that once this baby comes having time and energy to make a decent breakfast for him in the morning will be next to impossible. A while back I saw the idea on pinterest to make breakfast sandwiches ahead of time and freeze them and knew I had to do this.

So I started with dividing English muffins.

I wanted to make a dozen this time so I used a muffin top pan to bake the eggs...of course an idea I found on pinterest.

The first time I tried this the eggs stuck really badly to the pan so this time I made sure really oil the pan. Also, I punctured the yokes so that the egg cooked through and there wasn't a runny center. I cooked the eggs at 350 degrees for about 13-15 minutes. I really wanted to make sure the egg was fully cooked because the consistency of an under cooked egg is really unappealing to Marshal, so I baked them until the edges were a bit brown and crispy.

Once the eggs completely cooled, I topped them with Canadian bacon and a slice of American cheese, wrapped them in foil and Voila! breakfast for more than two weeks.

I feel like there are so many options with these and hope I have more time later to make a few with sausage patties or bacon to mix it up!


A picture from last week that makes me smile.

She put the hair clips in and was super proud!


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  1. Love the recipe a day ;) How fun. Happy baking!!