Monday, October 28, 2013

Four years later.

Since it's actually been five years since Marshal and I have been living together, the whole we've been together for four years thing doesn't really align for me, but for the sake of our anniversary we'll just go with it...just know that when I say four I really mean five, okay?

What four years does to a person's morning:

7:20 am: Bright and early from Johnny's room I hear him call out, "Mom, I soaked." There isn't a diaper in the world that will keep him or his sheets dry for twelve hours. I don't care what you say, pampers.

7:30 am: Sheet's, pajamas, pillow and stuffed animals in wash. Washing machine was actually empty this morning. Bonus!

7:35 am: Make coffee. Hurry, just make coffee.

7:36 am: Make breakfast for older two before the needy one...I mean baby wakes up.

7:37 am: Give Johnny cereal.

7:37 1/2 am: Give Molly cereal. Molly doesn't want cereal. Give Molly yogurt. Johnny wants yogurt, now. Make something for myself. Now both kids want what I have. But who cares about eating anyways because now the baby is awake.

8:00 am: Nurse, change diaper, re-clothe, pump....because child only woke up once last night, which would be awesome except Johnny boy still wakes up 2 or 3 times a night....GO THE *&^%$ TO SLEEP, JOHN.

9:00 am: Johnny's ready for his second breakfast. "Me huuungry, mommy. Me hungry." But that's okay because I can hear the coffee pot sending out violent beeps warning to shut off if not given immediate attention. Back to the kitchen.

9:15 am: Molly finds Tinkerbelle with recently glued wing.

9:16 am: Molly breaks recently glued wing.

9:17 am: Johnny eats banana, Molly's discarded cereal and the remainder of her half eaten yogurt.

9:17 1/2 am: Molly finds out Johnny has eaten her "breakfast."

9:18 am: Ignore whatever is going on between them, because they will eventually work it out peacefully...ha...because I need to send a neglected email, which doesn't work because file can't be opened because computer freakin' suxs!!! Download, uninstall, restart, install, restart, half listen to Molly's story about a pteranodon, click on icon over and over again hoping to get a different outcome...all while bouncing madly on a stability ball to keep twelve week old asleep.

10:00 am: Give up and turn on Sesame Street.


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