Monday, February 24, 2014

All sorts of POSITIVITY

February, a month to be cherished and remembered by it's lovely weather, healthy children and low utility bills. A month so full of activity that children graciously accept bed time and sleep soundly though the night. The lure of convenient food never crosses our dinner table and sweat pants stay tucked neatly in my drawer, never to be worn. It is all sunshine and roses around here....SUNSHINE AND FREAKIN ROSES.

Don't be fooled by their sweet smiles. Even little Brigid has been extra feisty lately. Since the start of the month she has slept all of ZERO hours in her crib. She will be sound asleep, deep deep asleep, so asleep that the thought of her sleeping peacefully in her crib seems attainable, but immediately after laying her down POP open her blue eyes. And to make things easier for my sleep deprived self, I decided to potty train Johnny because WHAT THE HECK we're not going anywhere anyways!!

One of Brigid's new games:

First she spots the toy.

 Then she goes in for the swipe.

And finally tug and war ensues, always resulting in Johnny's favor leaving Brigid with the saddest most adorablest face ever.

After thoroughly shattering her brothers heart, he makes her smile again by swapping in a baby toy.

 And then she's all smiles again.

Johnny has also picked up on a new fun game called "throw the elmo out of the crib, forcing mom to come in to give it to me over and over and over again."

And because this post has taken the most positive route possible, I figured why not add how wisely I had used my time this morning and removed everything from the top shelves in our kitchen, you know, just for fun.

It's been real February.



  1. hahah nailed february to a T as any seasoned mother would ;) wish i lived closer to my cousins so we could love the wonderful misery in good company. ;)

  2. ha ha ha! Oh yesss my least favorite month. Well it would be a battle between Jan. and Feb.
    I can't believe how much Brigid is changing! She is squishy cute:)