Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June recap

RECAP: the only generic title my sleep deprived self could conjure up. Why does there even have to be a title? Why can't they all just be numerical or something that wouldn't make my zero creative self feel less original about? Why can't my posts be more "motherhood is blessed and magical" and sound less gripey and sarcastic?

Not enough air in the atmosphere to answer that question.

Just a little bit ago, Johnny was whining about biting his tongue because he shares his father's inability to navigate his tongue safely while consuming solids, and Molly says, "Mom, when I bite my tongue, I never cry." ...which is why you're my favorite (question mark face). I've noticed, this kind of statement from her becoming more and more popular. It's either because she's incredibly competitive or because she's incredibly honest. I haven't been able to decide which it is yet.

After getting dressed today, she comes out wearing her old navy flag tee (which is pink) with a blue skirt and white leggings...because she is as obsessed with holidays as I am...and she tells me, "lets just pretend the color of my shirt is really really light red, because then I'm wearing red, white and blue."

One time she told me very seriously, "mom, do yo know what happens when you spit down? You make rain!"

Another discovery she made and vocalized to me was that "slippers are SO easy. you just SLIP them on!" I feel like she will work for an infomercial one day. 

During Christmas last year she told me very seriously that Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was her favorite because, "he was the most famous reindeer of all," she tells me. 

I don't know where she heard it from, but out of know where to get Johnny's attention she shouts, "BRO, come over here!"

One day I asked Molly where Johnny was and she says, "He's probably somewhere he doesn't want to be seen...or with daddy."

After seeing a holy card of st. Brigid, Molly bird says, "look, mom, it's father Mary!" fail on my part.

Molly can also get very sentimental. One time she comes up to me and says, "mom, when I was born, I wanted a mom named Margaret." She then gives me a hug and walks away.

This one is a little old but while I'm on the subject, awhile ago Molly said to me, "I just receive joy from magnets." I asked her if she understands the meaning of joy and she says, "yes, it's Spanish for 'give me more magnets." Clearly she gets it.

Molly looking very front-page-photo-shoot-y, which will result in the google search for "nearest convent" by her daddy. 

Johnny and Molly were fighting over the rocking chair this morning so I asked, "Do you guys need separated?" Molly says while flinging herself on the floor, "Don't worry, Johnny already separated me."

Johnny's hilarious. Sometimes I think he sounds a lot older than he is, like in the mornings he'll tell me, "I want some pants on me." But sometimes he still gets things mixed up, like he'll call my yoga mat a "yogurt mat."

One time while running after a ball he explained to me how he had to keep running because the ball kept "running" away from him.

While breakfasting, Johnny asks, "are there mushrooms on my waffle," with his question face. I said, "Johnny, it's a blueberry bagel," with my question face. 

During the same meal, Johnny put his knight toy in his milk. I explained how putting toys in our milk is gross and he says, "I like gross things."

Real cooperative, that one there. I say let's take a pic. He says, "hide."

Trying to capture Brigid's "look." It's very unique to her. She keeps her lips pursed, her eye brows raised and looks slightly amused. 

She was having a heck of a time with a wipes bag the other night. Her new trick is to throw her hands in the air when prompted by a "SO big!" and then slam them to the ground. 

Probably my all time favorite photo of Brie. 

June was also a month of uneven pigtails....

Learning to stand...

And the development of a love/hate relationship for baby dolls...

Until next time! (which is Spanish for "I'm lazy and don't blog much")