Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Johnny!

Johnny is the toughest sweet-heart that I know. He likes to knock stuff over, he likes to play with trucks and, first thing every morning, he will ask if he can go outside. He begs Molly to play with him and is completely heart-broken when she refuses. His favorite bed time read is the Little Blue Truck book and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way. He likes to wake up really early and crawl into our bed, laying his little rooster head on the pillow next to me. His love is unconditional and I didn't realize our special it could be. He's promised when I'm old he'll bring ice cream coffee (iced coffee) to me! 

Baby Johnny. 

Big boy Johnny.

The majority of my day is spent answering his questions. He asks things like, "mommy, when I'm a big guy, can you buy me a truck?" and "when I'm a big guy, mommy, can I go to work with dad?"

Question face

With that same question face, Johnny asks me after looking into his bowl of soup, "is that a turtle?" I believe it is a noodle, bud. 

Some of his questions end up on the more ridiculous side. One time he drew a line down my face with his finger and says, "remember when you used to be a road?" Nope.

Two days ago, he cracked his toe nail in half and after awhile he tells me, "at least it wasn't allll my toes." And later in the evening, I hear him relay the story to Marshal saying, " least it wasn't my fingers." Such an optimist!

One time, while passing through the room, I asked, "Johnny, what are you doing?" and he replies, "Literally, nothing." Continue on, little man. Continue on.

While on a walk with Johnny, earlier this summer, we saw a kid ride past us on a bike. Of course, Johnny-king-question-asker-Brame asks, "where's that guy going?" After a bit, the same kid came back around the block in the opposite direction. He had obviously turned around at some point. Obvious to me, not to Big John because as the kid rides past, he proclaims, "oh, that must be his brother." Logic.  

Even after his party, he still insists on being two, but I think eventually it will sink in. After all, it has been a huge part of his identity for the past year. 

Happy Birthday, Johnny! These two are so lucky to have you as a brother! We love you!



  1. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! Love the part about bringing you iced coffees... maybe he can swing by my house too? ;)

    1. Thanks! and he probably would haha ;)