Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Her own room.

Last week we finally moved Brigid out of our room into Molly's room. It must have been long over due because she was definitely ready. She's doing great and only waking up once or twice a night, which is a huge improvement from the up all nights she was doing prior. Every child has had different sleep patterns and recognizing there changing needs is always a struggle of mine.

I have a hard time transitioning them to their own rooms because I love the convenience of hearing their rhythmic breathes in the middle of the night and I love the sense of security of having them within arms reach. I also really dislike relying on the monitor because I'm terrified I won't hear their cries in the middle of the night and every little unfamiliar crackle or pop from the speaker sends me rushing down the hall way like Miss Clavel uttering, "Something is NOT right!"

Brigid, however, is a very light sleeper and it became very clear that she was in need of her own, quiet space. I'm sure it was long over due and every overly opinionated critic probably has a few eye rolls for my methods, but like every mom, I'm just trying to do whats right for our family.    

Now that I'm done dwelling on the mysteries of sleep arrangements, I can move on to over analyzing the next stages we shall soon enter ;).



  1. Confession: Tristan still sleeps in our room, in our BED. And still nurses to sleep. I've already gotten two doctor lectures about sleep independence. ;) And I'm just you want me to sleep or not, doc? :)

    Holy cow is Brigid adorable, by the way!

  2. How has it been with the two girls in the same room? We'll be doing the same thing (only Sophie will be going from her own room to sharing) and I'm curious if they've been waking up with each other in the night or anything.

    1. So sorry I'm just now getting back with you! It has actually been wonderful having the girls share a room. There really hasn't been a situation where one has waken the other. Brie still occasionally wakes up at night but it's never woken Molly. It's actually been really comforting knowing they have each other when we put them to bed. Even if we owned a mansion of a house, we will always have our kids share rooms! Have you made the transition yet? If so, how's it going for you? Would love to hear your experience!